Chris Hemsworth teases Thor: Ragnarok on 1st day of filming


It looks like Chris Hemsworth is having some fun on his 1st day on set asking where his hammer’s at then teasing that some big changes are going to happen to his hammer in Thor: Ragnarok. He also jokes about his new roller coaster on set who some are¬†calling a “Thorer-coaster”.

It’s worth noting that there has been some rumors and speculation that Thor will lose Mjolnir during the third film and I might have some thoughts about it. We do know that Hulk will be part of this film with a possible Planet Hulk type storyline. During Planet Hulk there was a fight against Beta Ray Bill and during Ragnarok, Beta Ray Bill also played a part taking Thor’s Hammer but then given Stormbreaker instead. Could we possibly see Beta Ray Bill in the film as many speculated happened in Guardians of the Galaxy, and could he take over Mjolnir with Thor being granted Stormbreaker or an updated Mjolnir similar to the one from the Ultimate universe? ¬†You decide, but enjoy the fun and Humor Chris Hemsworth has presented!

#Thor3, expect big and little changes

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