Yo-Kai Watch gets its first San Diego Comic-Con exclusive item


Hasbro’s San Diego Comic-Con booth is always filled with exclusive goodies from lines including Transformers, Star Wars, Magic the Gathering and now Yo-Kai Watch! That’s right, it was revealed by Polygon that Hasbro will be releasing a special Yo-Kai Watch set that includes a vinyl Dianyan figure along with five different colored Dianyan Yo-Kai Watch medals.

Dianyan is an ice-attributed rank A rare Yo-kai and is the fifth member the Jewel-nyans. While Yo-Kai Watch fans will be able to add the five different colors of the Dianyan medals to their collection, they will also be able to unlock Dianyan in their Yo-Kai Watch video game, so that you can recruit him to your team.

The set will retail for $29.99 while supplies last. Hasbro will also release a small quantity on Hasbro’s website.

Source: Polygon

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