Samurai Jack season 5 Featurette: A New Road Ahead

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With the announcement that Samurai Jack will be returning to the masses on Adult Swim, rumors and heresay exploded everywhere, especially with the question that was on everyone’s minds for years: Will there be a conclusion? Well, if the featurette that was released this past weekend has anything to say, I think the most accurate word for it is “eventually”

According to Genndy, the series will start off a few years after the end of Episode 52, to which he has become a lost wandering soul. The new season will be a search for his redemption, which kind of implies that the world he’s lived in for so long has finally started to chip away at his long standing heroism and is slowly turning him towards the dark side. Of course that’s just speculation, but one thing’s for certain, everyone is excited about the return of Samurai Jack!


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