Mighty No. 9’s backer release is one huge train wreck!

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Imagine spending anywhere from $20-$250 dollars to make a project you want to believe in actually happen. It’s been almost three years since you’ve already paid for the item, and after constant delays and lies, you finally are looking forward to playing the game, right? Well, that would be nice, but in reality, many fans have lost faith in not only the game, but the developers as well. To make matters worse, rather than focusing on the people who made the game possible, Mighty No. 9‘s developer, Comcept, decided to give out review copies to websites first, as well as popular streamers. I don’t fault the move, as it’s a way to draw interest, but even on release, many backers still didn’t have the game, which you can already buy digitally right now.

With $3.8 million dollars in funding, you’d think the people who helped make this game a reality would get more attention, but now for some reason, they decided to wait till last minute, and it’s become pretty messy. There have been a few who have gotten their codes to work on Steam, Wii U and PlayStation 4, which is great, but unfortunately it’s only a small percentage. There are many other people who have received codes for the wrong system, some have gotten two codes for bonuses rather than the game, and another large portion of people aren’t even able to redeem their codes.


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Yup, people are mad, and some are even saying that they are having issues such as the Wii U version crashing, long load times, and, in some cases, bricking.


It’s not pretty at all, and it looks like just another mess for a game that had such high hopes.

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Yesterday, reviews for the game started to be released from sites who received it just before release, and the game received pretty mediocre scores (check out that article here). I can’t wait to find out for myself, you know, when my backer code for the PlayStation 4 finally works, of course.

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