Huntdown: crime is a disease, you’re the cure


There’s been a love for all things pop-cultural from the ’80s the past few years, in music, film, and video games. Now, a new stylized side scrolling shooter by the name of Huntdown – from two self professed “Geeks from Sweden” – is coming on the scene.

The best way to describe it would be if The Warriors and Escape From New York met Metal Slug. The game takes place in a large retro-futuristic, cyberpunk-like metropolis, where crime has gotten out of control. The city is filled with a number of gangs with different themes to their look, and they are running rampant with the outnumbered and outgunned Police Department being unable to curb their malfeasance, suffering large casualties. In an attempt to give the Police Department a fighting chance, the City Government has hired bounty hunters, with orders to kill the gang members on sight. As you might have guessed, you play as one of these bounty hunters.

Take a look at the announcement trailer to see a game whose plot sounds like something from an ’80s direct-to-video B-movie.

Huntdown is due sometime this year. Keep an eye out for any new developments on this love letter to ’80s B-movies.

For more information, check out the official website here.

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