EMTEC’s GEM Box impressions

151222-EMTEC-GemBoxWith all the big consoles already out and dominating the gaming scene, EMTEC decided to throw its hat in the ring – while still giving gamers something a bit different – with the GEM Box. Not shooting for the powerhouse console, the GEM Box looks to bring you a boat load of choices to game and be entertained with.

Starting at around $100, the GEM Box is a simple unit that gives you access to various gaming mediums. With Android games, Steam, and the Gamefly service, the library of titles available for the GEM Box is one that is dynamic. The tiny box doesn’t just stop at games; you can also download hundreds of apps from the Google play store, upload music and photos from a thumb drive, and even mirror your smart device to run apps from it.

EMTEC fits all of this, and more, into a small box with USB 2.0, Ethernet, microSD, and HDMI ports so you can connect simple, and enjoy fast. The device comes with one controller, but an additional one can be purchased for those couch co-op games. A TV style remote will also become available soon after release, which will help navigation if using the game pad is uncomfortable.

With a release time in August, EMTEC’s GEM Box looks to not take over the gaming market, but possibly give gamers an alternate choice, and maybe even become a gateway for casual gamers to becoming a hardcore gamer. Only time will tell.

For more information, check out there official website here.

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