The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary Trailer

The messengers

Gaming is often more than just a hobby; its a passion. It’s something we care about, more than just the occasional gaming session. We like to read articles on websites about games, watch other people play games on the internet, and even listen to internet radio shows, more widely known as podcasts.


Podcasts are nothing new. Gaming podcasts like Orange Lounge Radio, All Games Radio, and Gamertag Radio have all been around for over a decade. IGN, Giant Bomb, Gamespot have also created networks of different podcasts that, collectively, stream to millions of gamers each month, and that number is growing.


Podcasting as an art is growing, yet, surprisingly, many people still do not even know what podcasting is. Well, that is what this new documentary hopes to change. The Messengers: A Podcasting Documentary. The film follows around several popular figures in the podcasting community, including the founder of the aforementioned Gamertag Radio, and Podcasting Hall of Fame inductee, Danny Peña.


The documentary has released its first official trailer. If you want to know more about the film you can check out their website here.


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