Helen Mirren to join cast of Fast and Furious 8


Having watched and rewatched every Fast and Furious movie to date, I always felt like there was a certain something that was just missing.  And today, I finally figured it out. Amidst all the frenetic car chases, extreme drifting, and Vin Diesel emoting about family, what we really needed was the participation of one of Britain’s greatest female actresses.

In an interview with Elle, Oscar winning actress Helen Mirren reveals that she will have a role in the upcoming Fast and Furious 8, set to release next year. Although details on the latest entry in the F&F franchise are sparse, there is no doubt that Mirren will lend a serious dose of gravitas to proceedings.

Though anyone who thinks Mirren will be out of place among the fast cars and loud guns probably didn’t watch her no holds barred performance in RED.   I think she’ll hold her own just fine.

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