Friday the 13th: The Game world gameplay premiere

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Developer Gun Media has been working on the development of asymmetrical multiplayer game Friday the 13th: The Game, where you can play either as one of seven camp counselors trying to survive Jason’s rampage or as the hockey mask-wearing serial killer himself. Now it has debuted actual game footage from the game’s pre-alpha state showing how it works.

So far we get to see that Jason actually has the ability to teleport around the camp site in a tongue in cheek reference to Jason’s knack of somehow appearing where you least expect it in the films. He also looks to have a sort of “Jason Sense” where he cans sense where the counselors are or what building they have entered into. Counselors also have the ability to break free of Jason’s grip and to try and throw him off the scent through red herrings though as we see that doesn’t always work. The music also helps drive the tone of the game as it uses original works made by Harry Manfredini specifically for the game.

This is just a taste of what is to come for this game, and we will be having a more in-depth article on the game and the background of its development in the near future.

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