E3: Quake Champions, back to the arena

quake champions

Bethesda had its showcase today and one of the highlight reels was the reveal of a new entry in the Quake franchise which has lain fallow since 2010 with the release of Quake Live, a title that amounted to simply an update of Quake III Arena. Now, id Software is back to sowing the seeds of Quake with a new arena shooter: Quake Champions. Let’s take a look.

Right off the bat we see the return of a staple member from Quake III: Arena and protagonist of the original Quake, Ranger. We also see the return of the semi-auto double barrel shotgun from Quake III along with the Lightning Gun looking somewhat more like its Quake IV rendition. We also see what looks like a plasma rifle or possibly a rail gun being used as well. Jump pads will be making a return as well as the staple Rocket Launcher. What looks to be new is an ability which consists of what amounts to a “throwable teleport” where the player casts an orb which after a certain distance teleports the player to its location. The Gauntlet also makes a return, much to Ranger’s misfortune.

This is only a taste what may lie ahead as while it looks like there is plenty to appeal to the speed freaks who made their bones in Quake III more than 15 years ago, it looks like id might have some other new tricks hidden up their sleeve though this still doesn’t let them off the hook for DOOM’s multiplayer. Stay tuned for any new updates on Quake Champions and in the meantime, get ready to return to the arena…

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