Is Devil May Cry 5 in development?


While not confirmed, it appears that Capcom is currently developing Devil May Cry 5. Capcom, with the help of Ninja Theory, decided to reboot the franchise a few years back. The release of the Definitive Edition didn’t do as well as hoped, but the Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition did better. This may have shown Capcom that fans want to see the original Dante return for yet another action-packed adventure.

This piece of information comes from the online resume of Nils Hognestad, who has had a reoccurring role in ABC’s Once Upon A Time. The original post, which was removed, showed that he was voicing a lead role in the next game.

Less than a few hours after being posted, it was removed. Could it be that Capcom wasn’t too happy that the news was revealed before E3? Or possibly Tokyo Game Show later this year?


If it does happen, will  you be looking forward to seeing Devil May Cry 5?

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