TeamFourStar’s Abridgeathon contest

Are you one of the thousands of fans that love the comedic uploads brought to you by TeamFourStar? Do you have a few abridged ideas of your own but just don’t have the crowd to show it to? Well, you’re in luck as TeamFourStar has just announced its Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgeathon! Or #TIBA for short.

There are, of course, the obvious rules such as you can’t have someone else do the work for you then claim it as your own, and it has to be from a series other than DBZ, Naruto, and Hellsing, basically ones that they haven’t done or haven’t done to death. Only one submission per person.

You can check out the full description and rules in the video below:

So get your creative chops revved up as the contest begins tomorrow! What anime will you choose to abridge? Will you work alone or with a team? Do you have what it takes to beat out the rest of the competition? We’ll keep our eyes peeled for winning videos and announcements once we hit July!

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