4 things that can improve Overwatch

Overwatch PosterOverwatch has been out for about a week now, and I think everybody seems to be in unison in believing this game is amazing. Well, at least that’s what I’ve heard and read online, but the game isn’t perfect. I mean let’s face it, no game is perfect, but with some small modifications, this game can get really close to it. Here are four things I’d like to see the guys at Blizzard do to move Overwatch closer to perfection.

1. Balancing

Now I know the game is brand new, and the developers still have time to do some work on it, but we just went through a beta where over 9 million people played. I’m sure they get to see first hand which characters were overpowered and which characters are in need of a little boost. Yet, still with release of the game, you have character such as Bastion sweeping up play of the game, match after match. I know Blizzard is going to focus on balancing because the fans demand it, and they’ve had somewhat of a good track record listening to the fans…somewhat. A few nerfs here and a few buffs there, and gameplay should be right as rain.


2. Map adjustment

The maps in Overwatch are overall unique and visually pleasant, but when it comes to certain maps, they can seem just as unbalanced as some of the champions. For example, Hanamura is one map that could have another look at by Blizzard. I know they spent their precious developing time tweaking each map to fit the game mode, but something went a bit wrong with Hanamura. The small entrance that the attackers must battle through make it almost too easy for defenders to cut down with a well placed Bastion or Torbjorn combination. I love the way that other levels have multiple entrances to the objective that any of the champions have access to. Hanamura is one of the maps that seem to cater to specific champions, and you should never feel like you have to use a specific champion to get the job done. Hanamura and a few similar maps need just a little readjustment, and all will be well.

3. Party System

For the most part, the party system in Overwatch actually works quite well. It’s easy to invite friends, I haven’t had an issue with losing a party member, and I even get rewarded for playing with party members. My small gripe, and it’s very nitpicky, is that when my group decides they want to leave the lobby either to unlock their loot or just to play with different people, you have to disband the group. It’s a small inconvenience that can be rectified by allowing the group leader to pull the whole group out of the lobby, all while staying in a group. Call of Duty pulled it off, and so can you Overwatch.


4. Character release

Blizzard has done a fantastic job leaving breadcrumbs for players to find in their maps that lead players towards the next release of another champion. But what I would like to see instead of releasing champions one at a time, is to release a pack of champions for each class or role. I feel this is the best way to keep some type of balance in the game. Unlike other MOBA’s that release a champion one at a time, the community calls it broken for a while, then they patch that champion over when people are tired of being whipped by him or her. Releasing a full set of champions in my opinion, would be an ideal way to end that sort of situation. It just might take a bit longer to get content to the content hungry masses.

So far I’m definitely loving the game, and can see myself having countless hours of fun with it. These were just a few things that would take that fun to the next level. Do you agree? Or is the game perfect as it is? Let us know in the comments below.

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