Ibuki is the next Street Fighter V fighter


June is looking to be a big month for Street Fighter V. Not only is the cinematic story mode set to launch, but it will also see the addition of Ibuki as the next DLC character.

Ibuki retains much of her Street Fighter IV moves, along with a few new tricks. Her V-Trigger is a “substitution jutsu” that knocks back her opponents, and her V-Skill will throw out a bomb that explodes after a short amount of time. This can help extend combos or help lock down opponents if well timed in the corner.

A big change for Ibuki is her kunai throws. She now has a variety of kunai tosses in the air, which includes an exploding kunai. This will give her more options during combos or letting her zone her opponents. Two attacks that seem to have been removed from Ibuki’s arsenal are┬áTsumuji, her blade kick which was used to mix up opponents with high and lows, and Hein, a move that wasn’t as useful in Ultra Street Fighter IV as it was in Street Fighter III.

Ibuki’s Critical Art is a variation of her Super in Street Fighter III/Ultra Street Fighter IV Ultra 1 Yoroitoshi. I have to say the background music along with watching the Critical Art in action just reminded me of watching Naruto.

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