New Dragon Ball Fusions trailer showcases weird Fusions


When Dragon Ball Fusions was first announced, it teased that players would be able to create new fusions that have never appeared in any Dragon Ball game, like Broly and Goku being fused together.

Now Bandai Namco Entertainment has uploaded a new trailer that shows more fusions, gameplay, character customization and characters. These characters include every Dragon Ball series beginning with the original Dragon Ball series, along with Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super and a few of the Dragon Ball movies.

So how do the fusions work? In the series, fusions were done in one of two ways; the first was using the Potara Earrings which would permanently fuse two beings into one, or the Fusion Dance, where two people of similar size and strength could fuse together for up to 30 minutes. We saw characters such as Gotenks, Vegito, Gogeta, and Kibito Kai, and now a new Capsule Corp-made bracelet can let any two characters fuse together to make some pretty crazy combinations.


Here we have the fusion of Krillin and Gohan known as Krigohan


Here we have Gokuhan (Goku x Gohan) and Gohanks (Gohan x Trunks)


You get EX Piririn when you fuse Piccolo and Krillin, along with Veginks when Vegita and Trunks fuse


We also see Butan (Satan x Boo), Pandel (Pan x Videl) along with EX Yamhan (Yamcha x Tien)

These are just a taste of what fusions characters will be seen in Dragon Ball Fusion when it releases in Japan on August 4th, with a North America and European date yet to be released.

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