Kojima Productions will be capped at 100 people


In a recent report from Gamereactor, Hideo Kojima’s newly-reformed studio Kojima Productions will be limited to 100 staff members in order to make the studio smaller and more efficient.

“I’m aiming to keep the staff less than 100 people,” he said via a translator. “I am searching for technology and at the same time hiring new people, and visiting the (…) studio to get inspiration about what kind of studio I want to make/create.”

While he was establishing his studio, he looked at other development studios to see what makes them so successful. “I’ve found that at any studio the kitchen is very important… I saw at DICE in Stockholm they had 40 microwaves, and also there’s so many coffee makers, and I understood that that is very important.”


During his time at Konami, the staff working on Metal Gear Solid consisted of just over 200 people. Now Kojima wants to connect to every single developer on the team.

Regardless, we look forward to hearing news on their first game as a partner with Sony!


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