Razer’s new San Francisco store is absolutely for gamers, by gamers



It’s only natural that hardcore gamers are going to upgrade some of their accessories from time to time. For those based out of Northern California, that process has just become a lot easier.

This weekend Razer opened its very first retail location in North America, more specifically, San Francisco, CA. Razer’s estimated worth is around $1.5 billion, and it is the first company of this magnitude that I know of that has launched a retail outlet with a sole dedication to gaming accessories.

When you walk in the store, it is extremely clear what type of store you’re in. Wall to wall you will see headsets, laptops, keyboards, mice, and even Xbox Ones connected to TVs built into the wall to show off its console accessories. Razer’s motto definitely fits its store design and business model of “For Gamers, By Gamers.”

It wouldn’t be a Razer store unless everything was black with its giant green logo, right?

Razer (19)

The Razer WildCat controller comes with quite a few extra bells and whistles, like bonus removable triggers on the back side.

Razer (12)

They even have a setup dedicated for fans of fighting games to test out the Razer’s fighting stick “Atrox.”

Razer (1)

There are even two 5-person battle stations all set up with various Razer laptops so that the store can be used for tournaments and competitions.

Razer (6)

Just a few of Razor’s slick keyboards, headsets, and mice.

Razer (3)

Did I mention that it has the Razer Core available to check out? Utilizing a Thunderbolt 3 Cable Core, it will give you desktop graphics and performance while using the Razer Blade Stealth laptops.

Razer (17)

During my visit, just about every single item of Razer’s inventory was available to touch, wear, and even play on. This is a great way for players in the market for replacements or upgrades to test out the tech that they will be using for the next few months to years while gaming. So if you’re in the market for a new gaming accessory and will be in or near San Francisco, stop by and say hi to the team, and touch, play, and stay to your heart’s content.

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