Razer Turret Wireless Keyboard and Mouse review

There are several names that pop up when it comes to PC accessories, but Razer aims to change the way we play games. I got my hands on Razer’s newest wireless keyboard/mouse combo, the Razer Turret. True mobility is what Razer had in mind and the Turret is a keyboard that shows no limits when it comes to functional use. With both 2.4GHz and bluetooth connectivity, the Turret stands a chance at being the only keyboard and mouse you’ll need for your long gaming sessions.

• Anti-ghosting capability for up to 10 simultaneous key presses
• Chiclet style keycaps
• Dedicated Android buttons
• Battery life of up to 4 months – The life expectancy of this battery depends upon its usage
• Battery type: Li-Po (1500 mAh)

• 3500 DPI sensor
• 40 hours battery life for continuous use – The life expectancy of this battery depends upon its usage
• Battery type: Li-Po (1000 mAh)
• 7 clickable buttons (2 main buttons, 2 on each side of mouse, and clickable wheel)

Package Contents
• Razer Turret mouse and lapboard
• Wireless 2.4GHz adaptor
• Charging dock
• Wall adaptor
• Important product information guide

The specs for the Turret are quite impressive and has many great features. For starters, the 4-month battery life cycle is no joke. Having this keyboard for a few weeks now, I can say that I haven’t charged it since its first charge. Of course, your mileage may vary given on how often you use the Turret, but it’s poised to last long despite being on for long hours. The chiclet-style keys are very soft and responsive and don’t feel so rigid or rough. Each keystroke is met with a subtle click, which is a nice change from a mechanical keyboard that can often be noisy. The mouse itself is not too overwhelming. In size, it fits almost perfectly against your fingers with several buttons available. The mouse itself doesn’t have any special macro settings, but that shouldn’t be a problem with most games these days with custom settings and assigning each button. And the attached mouse pad is a welcome addition to the keyboard which maximizes the Turrets portability. It can rest easy on your lap while you game. And the magnetic mouse pad allows you to remain on the pad without slipping.

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Hands On

The main selling point for the Razer Turret is its mobility. You can experience true wireless gaming with little to no lag. I tested out what is was meant for, gaming on the couch in front of the TV. The Turret was very responsive and engaged like any gaming keyboard. The mouse pad seems a bit small and took a bit to get used to. But once I did, it felt really natural. Thanks to the 3500 DPI and magnetic mouse pad, the mouse rarely, if at all, fell off the pad. Its compact design is well thought out given that it can be stored beside your TV to charge while not in use. And if fully charged, just unplug it and the charger acts as a stand. And even though the Turret is small and lightweight, it feels sturdy enough to withstand a drop, given that some game sessions may get intense.

There were a few things that I felt were missing from the Turret. The first being that the WASD keys being easily miss-keyed due to the layout. Since they are subtle, the lack of feedback from the keys allows them to be mixed up a bit. A way to isolate or even label the most common gaming keys with just a touch would improve it. 10 Key is absent, but not a deal breaker depending on how you play your games. Backlit keys would boost its functionality when it comes to gaming at night. Since playing in front of your TV is what it’s meant for, being away from TV light can make it a bit hard to see the keys given their faint green against black design. And the size of the keys themselves are slightly small, but again is something that takes a bit to get used to.

Final Reaction

Razer aims to set the bar high when it comes to wireless keyboards. And given that the Turret is meant for TV gaming, couple it with the Razer Forge TV and you’re all set for living room mayhem. A few flaws prevent this from being the perfect keyboard, which Razer tends to push the envelope with each new product. The Turret is a good first step in wireless gaming and the bundle is hard to beat. It fits perfectly with any PC rig whether you are connected to your TV or not. True gamers will love the experience the Turret has to offer, but a few more tweaks and it’ll easily become a must have for any PC gamer.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

You can pick up the Razer Turret Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, plus other Razer products, at razerzone.com

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