Xbox to release up to one million gamertags this week

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Announced today, Xbox will be releasing up to one million gamertags up for grabs on Wednesday, May 16th at 11AM PST. These tags belonged to original Xbox users that never migrated over to Xbox 360. This means that you may not have to add xx__xx to your treasured name just to keep the one you like. The last big Xbox gamertag release was in 2011.

There is, however, a catch. The new gamertags are only available for Xbox Live Gold members with active subscriptions that have been active for at least one year. These tags may be available to new subscribers at a later time. Tags are also being released throughout the entire 24 hours in order to give to gamers in different countries and time zones a fair shot. So you may have to keep trying throughout the day to see if your favorite tag comes up.

Check out the official news from Xbox here. If you’re ready to join the hunt on Wednesday, you can go here to log in and change your gamertag.

Sony Playstation should take a cue from Microsoft on this one as PSN users still cannot change their usernames. Sony is aware that this is the most requested upgrade by their users based on a poll taken last year and stated that they don’t even think it’s possible to implement. They claim that by restricting username changes it will prevent trolling from game to game. Xbox users don’t seem affected by the trolling and prefer having the freedom to change their gamertags as they please.

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