Was Ben Affleck really going to direct Batman?


Over the past few weeks, there were reports that Ben Affleck was going to direct his own Batman movienew report says that Affleck wasn’t 100% going to actually do it… Yet.

A source close to the situation told Birth.Movies.Death’s Devin Faraci that Affleck was upset about the news of his directorial involvement being released when the two parties were still in the negotiation phase. “My sources have told me that Affleck was incredibly unhappy about the reception of BvS. He felt humiliated after spending so much of the press tour saying how much better this film would be than Daredevil. On top of that, his agent was furious when Kevin Tsujihara jumped the gun and announced him as the director of The Batman – there were still negotiations happening.”


However, with the rampant rumors of WB attempting to fix the DC Cinematic Universe, Faraci had this to say about the Affleck situation. “[Affleck as executive producer] seems to help placate Affleck while also edging Zack Snyder out of a controlling central position in the DC Movieverse,” Faraci said. With Affleck writing and directing the Batman solo film and being hired as an executive producer on the Justice League film, it sounds like Affleck is eager to take control of the whole situation.

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