Battlefield 1 Reveal Event – Live from London

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Battlefield’s World Premiere event just aired on the Battlefield YouTube channel.

The live event was hosted by Jose Sanchez, who invited us to ‘discover the future of Battlefield’.

After a brief introduction and welcome to the broadcast, Sanchez introduced Larz Gustavsson, the game’s Design Director, who took to the stage and spoke about the history of the Battlefield series. Gustavsson has worked on every Battlefield title to date.

During the opening portion of the broadcast, the term that kept being repeated, mantra-like, and thrown around was “the future of Battlefield”.

Gustavsson then introduced Patrick Soderlund, who stated that everything in the trailer we were about to see was captured in-game.

The trailer began by firstly confirming the Battlefield 1 title as a logo in the trailer, and then featured lots of quick cuts through various environments, weapons, tools, and vehicles. We saw deserts, jungles, trenches, melee combat, flamethrowers, heavy machine guns, gas attacks, horses, planes, warships, tanks, and at the very end of the trailer – a very large airship!

Amongst the swords, cavalry charges, flames, and shell explosions of the trailer (to the tune of ‘seven nation army’) it was confirmed that the game will be playable early through EA Access.

Battlefield 1 is set during the events of World War One, and the gameplay takes place in a setting of all out war. The team described the setting, and their reasons for choosing it, as a point where, in terms of technology and warfare, the old world meets the new world – “The Genesis of all modern warfare” (I see what you did there, EA).

The team spoke about the environment in the game, saying that they have included everything from fortress sieges, to the deserts of Arabia, jungles, forests, and trench warfare. Physicality and intensity were stated to be a focus of the maps, with a shortened engagement range in order to create more intense firefights.

Battlefield 1 will feature 64-player online matches, and will feature some of the largest vehicles that the Battlefield team has ever produced in-game. This will be balanced through a ‘rock, paper, scissors’ approach to gameplay – where every option, weapon, and choice will have some kind of counter to it in order to keep gameplay intense, and balanced.

When asked about Battlefield 1’s campaign, the team said that is will be closer to how the multiplayer portion of the game plays, with more choice, more options, and more freedom. The team also confirmed that the campaign will follow the stories of “several” (the word ‘seven’ was let slip!) different characters – and that more details on the campaign will be coming in the next months.

It was confirmed that Battlefield Insiders, a service that can be signed up to on the Battlefield website, will get early Beta access to the game.

Battlefield 1 has been confirmed for an October 21 release. Worldwide.

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