Guardians of the Galaxy to take over Disney’s Tower of Terror ride?


Guardians of the Galaxy was a big hit for Disney and Marvel Studios and grossed $773 million worldwide. That’s pretty impressive for a movie based on an obscure comic book team. They’re so popular that it looks like they may be replacing The Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror ride at the Disneyland resort.

According to Micechat, the rumor that the Tower of Terror ride is going to be turned into a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction is true. Why? Apparently they want to balance out both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure attendance because once the Star Wars-themed land hits Disneyland, everybody is going to be flocking there.

Image credit: Disney

Image credit: Disney

The site reports that the new ride will redo the exterior and interior of the ride and will feature a tale of the Guardians and the Collector. Its plan is to open in May of 2017 to coincide with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. That sounds like it’s not going to be a major overhaul if it’s just a year away.

Disney cast members have known about this for some time, with reports saying that Imagineers were seen at the Tower of Terror ride before and after business hours, trying to figure out the design. Cast members were also instructed to give “talking points” to attendees if they ask about the development.

Will you be sad if Disney does say goodbye to the Tower of Terror ride to make way for Guardians of the Galaxy?

If this does happen, I’ll be missing it. The ride transported me back into the past with the cast members dressed as old-fashioned hotel workers, with the set decoration and black and white television showing the hotel’s history.

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