First footage of Pokemon GO surfaces online

pokemon go

Footage from the Pokemon GO Beta has appeared on YouTube, courtesy of Game Previews. The video shows character creation, battling, and how capturing wild Pokemon in the realm world will work in the game.

Pokemon GO is a free-to-play game set to launch later this year. The game will support a microtransactions system and has been recently undergoing a ‘field test’ in Japan, which has been expanded to include Australia and New Zealand.

Niantic, creators of the game, has said that there are plans to expand the beta to other countries, which would likely include the United and States and European regions, at a later date.

A free-to-play game supported by microtransactions, Pokemon Go is set to launch in full later this year. The Pokemon Go field test debuted in Japan and was recently expanded to Australia and New Zealand. The beta will come to other countries, potentially the United States and Europe, at a later.

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