DC Universe Online to Xbox One

DCUO xbox

DC Universe has been around for quite some time now on the PC, PS3, and the PS4, but now with the game out of the hands of Sony, the game is finding its way to the Xbox.

At PAX¬†East, Daybreak Studios announced that the superhero-themed MMO will make its way to the Xbox One very soon. With the announcement of cross-platform play across the PC and PlayStation’s, plus Microsoft saying they would be open to crossplay in the future, fans were wondering if the worlds would collide. A response was quick and definite.

When asked if you’ll be able to bring your¬†already established character over to the Xbox, DCUO made it clear of the status of the Xbox version.

I’m sure Xbox fans that have not played the game before will get a kick out of this DC MMO. I just wished this would be the game to bring all the consoles together in harmony. Who knows it could have started a trend, but I guess only in a perfect world.

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