Street Fighter V Guile screenshots released


While the launch of Street Fighter V was met with some criticism due to a somewhat shallow roster and lack of features, Capcom is slowly getting caught up by way of monthly updates. In the month of April, we will see the addition of Street Fighter V’s second DLC character Guile, fresh with some new moves and mechanics. I spoke with FGC organizer from Sacramento, Jay Gist from the Capitol Fight District, to get his thoughts on the new Guile. “His faultless move sounds awesome. He can charge while moving forward. That means you always have to look out for Flash Kick.”

According to the Capcom-Unity website, Guile’s new V-Trigger is called Solid Puncher. The description says that Guile powers up and each button tosses out continuous sonic booms at various different speeds. The projectiles can be used as combination extenders and a way to push your enemies into the corners. With a host of new projectiles and his always dangerous kicks, Guile looks like he is going to be difficult to deal with.”His V-Trigger will let him chuck different kinds of projectiles. He seems to be the only true zoner in the game so far,” says Gist.

Beyond the addition of Guile to the game, players can also expect a remake of his classic Street Fighter II stage ‘Air Force Base’, matchmaking improvements, and a system that will punish those cowardly rage quitters. Street fighter fans have a lot to be excited for in the coming months.

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