Legends of Gaming Season 2 is on its way

Legends of Gaming is a fantastic show on YouTube that takes a bunch of gamers, puts them on teams, and makes them compete. It’s fun, entertaining, and so much more! Last year, we covered the show and got to talk to some of the people competing when the series was first announced.

Season One had Tobuscus as their host and featured gamers like The Jovenshire, Syndicate Project, Terroriser, TmarTn, and others! Now, Smasher Network has finally announced those who are in this season’s episodes, and man am I excited!

First things first, Syndicate, AKA Tom Cassel, is our host for Legends of Gaming USA season two. (What’s better than that?!) And the best part? Here is a list of some of our legends: Moo, MissesMae, MCSportzHawk, Terroriser, TheZombiUnicorn, TmarTn, GassyMexican, and Reckless Tortuga! Meet them all here.

I had the chance to sit down with them and ask some questions regarding the new season! So let’s get into it.

What has been the most difficult challenge you’ve had to face?

Mae: Honestly it’s not really that challenging, it’s just a lot of fun. Maybe trying to get a reasonable amount of sleep because as gamers we sleep at 6 in the morning, and wake up whenever!

Moo: For me really the biggest challenge is just being on camera. I’m not really in front of cameras a lot. Am I in the shot? Am I in the frame? Stuff like that. It was a cool experience to come to the YouTube Space and be on a stage and things like that. It was a little daunting at first with the lights and stuff, but I think I’m used to it now.

GassyMexican: I think it’s different for each of us! I’m right there with Moo. I’m a little more familiar with being on camera and stuff like that, but you walk on set and it’s like – oh wow this is a legit setup. They went all out on us ya know? And you want to deliver, so that’s kind of a big thing. You want to make sure you bring your stuff and do your job. Once we get the lights on and we’re all riffing off each other it all works.

LoG // 1

What is different from the first season?

Terroriser: Things are amazing compared to last year. There’s definitely been a big improvement which is great. The production quality is a lot bigger and better this year. The first season did great and we’re gonna make season 2 even better.

Out of everyone on this season who do you think is the most competitive?

Terroriser: GassyMexican! He is a silent assassin. He has this great poker face where he’s like, “Oh I’m just here to have fun.” I know he’s in this to win this.

MCSportzHawk: I’d agree with that!

What has been your favorite part of filming so far?

MCSportzHawk: Meeting all of the people here! I’m one of the smaller guys, and I think it’s really cool to be able to play on the other guys’ level.

Terroriser: Eating all the pizza (Kinda joking, but we all know pizza is great.) I’ve known these guys for a long time and it’s nice just to get together and have fun.

Do you feel any pressure having to host? (Specifically to Syndicate)

Syndicate: I’ve not done a lot of hosting stuff before, but it was nice to be able to see from season 1 how it turned out. It’s been fun and the cast is really cool! Nick, the director, is an absolutely amazing guy. Everything is open to adjustments, so if something doesn’t feel smooth or comfortable, then we just record something new.

LoG // 2

What would you say to encourage people to watch the show?

Rico Martinez (SVP Endemol Shine Beyond USA): It covers a lot of aspects of gaming. A lot of people who are into gaming like competitive stuff, some are more of a fan of the entertainment side! This is a fantastic mix of both of those.

Syndicate: If people like watching just myself play video games, then that’s great! But this is a whole different ball game.

Can you discuss the casting process? What were you guys looking for?

Rico: With as many YouTubers as there are, it’s actually limited in terms of gamers that have a big audience – but also seem like the kind of gamers that would want to do something like this. With a lot of YouTubers, like Moo for example, he only just revealed his face. There’s a certain charm in that and it’s not every YouTube gamer that would want to do something like this. That’s number one.

Obviously popularity helps people that have a following, but it’s also the combination of people. We asked what would it be like to have someone with a smaller audience that’s really engaging like Mae who’s really funny.

Overall, this season looks absolutely amazing. Watching them play, and meeting the legends was such an honor, and so much fun! I cannot wait to see all 24 episodes.

Check the YouTube channel and Twitter for updates on the show!

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