Kratos to fight Norse gods in next God of War game?

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Kratos has taken out a lot of the Greek gods. So what’s next for the Spartan warrior? In God of War III, he impaled himself with the Blade of Olympus, however, the ending was ambiguous about his actual fate. Now we have some new leaked concept art suggesting that the next God of War game will focus on Norse mythology.

NerdLeaks was able to post the concept art from an artist’s personal website who worked at Santa Monica Studios, the developer for God of War, in 2015. The art includes environments and a protagonist who looks like Kratos wielding an axe. The site and its Twitter account have been shut down, but they were later posted at NeoGAF.

The art does mention the name of Kratos as he appears to be visiting Alfheim and Vanaheimr, two of the Nine World. The faeries inhabit the realm of Alfheim, which features an ancient stone city with cool colors. Vanaheimr is vibrant with giant trees, flowers and plant life.

David Jaffe, director of the God of War games, has said awhile back that Norse mythology was a possibility.

Since Kratos was deeply entrenched in Greek mythology, perhaps we’ll be getting a new protagonist of Norse origin. Maybe Thor will be the main character? Perhaps it’ll focus on a defeated Loki as he tries to take over the Nine Realms. With that said, the Norse mythology would be interesting for a God of War game since it has a lot of creatures like the Auðumbla, Gullinbursti, the giants, Surtr, Jörmungandr the serpent, and the monstrous wolf Fenrir.

The last God of War game was Ascension in 2013, so it won’t be surprising if Santa Monica Studios reveals a new God of War game soon.

Would you like to see Kratos return to fight the Norse gods, or would you like to see a new protagonist?

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  • Achirae

    GoW is my all-time FAVORITE game series. I finished them all, most of them on Extreme mode (whatever they happened to be called from game to game), except one. God of War: Ascension.

    The story looked great, but it was SO hard to play! They changed all the moves from the first five games, took away actual powers in favor of elemental blade infusions, and made what had been basic combat moves only available once you built up enough combat momentum. Gameplay, in a nutshell, SUCKED!!! I still haven’t finished the game. Much sadness. I believe it was originally intended as a different game altogether and they ended up just skinning it with GoW as an afterthought.

    So, I’m totally hyped for a new GoW game, and bringing in the Norse pantheon will be soooooo kick-ass! But please, Please, PLEASE! Go back to the classic control system that made the first five games AWESOME!

  • Nick TheNoob

    I have played all the God Of War games and i must say that Santa Monica outdid themselves. This is like my all time favorite game and i have enjoyed playing it for years. I recently sold my ps3 however and my craving to play God Of War has been left unsatisfied. I can’t imagine anyone on ps4 who wouldn’t buy a God Of War title or a GOW inspired game. I for certain would buy it and all dlc if any was released. I must admit thought GOW 3 was my favorite! If Santa Monica does make another GOW then i hope they make it just like that and forget that GOW4 even existed…

  • Jeff Terlecki

    This is bs. Kratos needs to go. They needed to go with a whole new character. God of war, but a norse warrior. Different markings, maybe blue. Completely different guy. Assassin’s creed style. Every new chapter has a different character. Having kratos is confusing, makes no sense. A new guy is a fresh start. I’m actually pretty pissed off about this. Kratos is the ghost of sparta, that’s what he will always be. They screwed this franchise up bad. Even the fighting mechanics are wrong. Right over the shoulder view like, last of us. What made GOW great was shredding multiple enemies quick. Not one on one battles and using a simple ax and bare hands. Got rid of the chain swords. Whatever. It’s going to suck.

    • Gitesh Mehta

      Shut Up u idiotic asshole.Kratos doesn’t sucks,its u the one who really sucks.Kratos is one of the best character in video games & he should be continued to be taken in upcoming GOD OF WAR Games & other games also.