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Spoilers Ahead if you haven’t seen the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead or read issue #100 of The Walking Dead.

The big bad wolf is finally here. The leader of the Saviors makes his first appearance in the finale of The Walking Dead Season 6. Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen), Negan’s arrival has long been feared by many fans due to it leading to Glenn’s death in the comics. And with a long and tense episode that has Rick and crew avoiding dozens of Saviors on their way to the Hilltop Colony, they are ambushed and lined up to meet Negan. With a charismatic monologue that is just as tense at the build up to meeting him, Negan chooses his victim, the camera switches to POV while he beats him/her, and fans are left in the unknown as to who it was. A 6-month long wait until we see who has met their demise and many have shown their frustration as to how it ended.

That is until this sound clip made its way to the net:

This appears to be a slowed-down version of the last few seconds of the finale. This portion is just after Negan swung his bat at the victim’s head and before the camera goes to black with several bashes being heard. The clip also has lettering to help identify what is being said, with the biggest clue being the word “Mag-” being muttered by the victim. The clip goes on with a few voices being heard with what appears to be Maggie screaming Glenn’s name at least twice and several other voices being heard as well. This sounds like definite proof that Glenn has fallen at the hands of Negan which helps illustrate Glenn’s death matching the comic counterpart. There are a few things about this clip that doesn’t add up.

The clip is supposedly a slowed-down version which allows you to hear the additional voices clearer. But when hearing the original clip, everything is mostly muffled except for Negan. Here is a clip of the last portion.

Negan Normal Speed

Every voice except Negan sounds like background noise or random yelling. What is clear is what Negan says, which is “Look at that. Taking it like a champ!” And a random “Damn” mixed in between the swinging. When directly compared to the clip above, it almost sounds like Negan saying “that” is what the video mistakenly labeled as “Mag-.” But it also appears to be missing the several voices that the clip has labeled. I created the same clip but 50% slower to see if we can hear the voices even clearer.

Negan 50% Slower

This clip sounds entirely different than the proof clip above. Missing still are the voices of what appears to be Maggie and others screaming Glenn’s name. The clip does reveal a women’s scream at the first hit, and Negan saying “that” sounds very similar to “Mag-” as the proof clip describes. But, what this clip reveals is that those additional voices were added into the clip to make it appear as if Glenn was being attacked. Whoever created the clip probably slowed down the video and noticed that when Negan said “that” it sounds similar to Mag. And it’s no surprise that the clip starts just before “Mag-” providing good misdirection into making you believe he’s saying “Mag-” instead of “that.” The addition of the voices make it very believable but it appears to be an edited clip. And just for fun, here is the proof clip speed up to normal.

Glenn killed by Negan PROOF Speed Up 2x

It’s very clear now who is speaking and that is in fact Negan saying “that.” Also, comparing it to the normal speed clip from the finale, it’s also very clear that the “Glenn killed by Negan PROOF” has been completely altered. So, the proof for Glenn’s demise has been debunked. But, that doesn’t mean that he’s safe. We have 6 months until Season 7 premieres and plenty of time to debate on who was Negan’s victim. Until then, keep those theories going on who has fallen, and let’s hope The Walking Dead can deliver after its most crucial cliffhanger.

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