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Being a loyal fan of The Walking Dead television series since season 1, my excitement for the introduction of Negan was incredibly high. Since I am aware of what happens in Negan’s introduction in the comic book, it was tough for me to not spoil things for my family and friends who watch the show, but time had come for Negan’s grand entrance to the TWD television universe and no longer would I have to keep my lips sealed. This moment had every potential to break the internet, much like the ‘Red Wedding’ in Game of Thrones, or When Glenn almost died earlier this season, or a Kim Kardashian nude selfie. Unfortunately in a grossly misguided step by The Walking Dead creative team, fans were slapped across the face with one of the cheapest cliffhangers in television history.

When Negan is introduced in the comic book, there is an iconic moment where he brutally murders one of the main characters of the series in front of Rick and the rest of the survivors. While actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan did an absolutely amazing job as Negan in his introductory monologue, everything that the episode and entire season have been building up to was thrown out the window after a montage of Negan playing eeny, meeny, miny, mo with the characters and ending the episode after showing Negan swing his bat, Lucille, on a character that was not shown.

The excuse that fans were given by the creator of TWD, Robert Kirkman, during the corresponding episode of The Talking Dead went a little something like this: “The cliffhanger isn’t the story,” Kirkman says,”how confident Rick was going into this…This episode is about the loss of that confidence. It’s about tearing Rick Grimes down, and that’s the conclusion of this episode. The story of who died, of what comes next, of who Negan killed, that’s really the story of season seven.”

I think there are such things as good cliffhangers and cheap cliffhangers. Good cliffhangers generally take place after a solid story has been completed or some great feat accomplished. Think of the cliffhanger for Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. The film was able to bring resolution to Luke Skywalker’s impatience by leaving his training early to face Darth Vader, and he paid the price with his hand. The same goes for Han Solo not listening to Princess Leia about Cloud City, and he paid the price and was turned into a frozen mime. Because of their actions, we were left guessing how things were going to get better. Bad cliffhangers do exactly what TWD just did and that is end prematurely before your audience has been given any resolution to a story you have subjected them to for an entire season.

I have to fundamentally disagree with the creator and producers on this ending. A great television show should be building each season as brilliant pieces of art that have the ability to stand alone as a great story. If this season of The Walking Dead were a film it would have been looked upon as one of the worst endings in movie history and been called a desperate attempt to get viewers back to see the sequel.

I think what the producers failed to understand is that what they have done here with this ending is not drum up more interest and give people something to talk about until October.. they have pissed off a loyal fanbase that is now so frustrated with the show that whomever they have decided to kill has lost a majority of its impact. I have talked to several more casual fans who have told me, “Now I really just don’t care who died.” The Walking Dead abusing their fanbase like this has already got a vocal minority of fans to swear off the show and has discouraged many more. When the show comes back in October, it will only be a stark reminder on how much the show has screwed us over, not to mention when we come back they are going to kill off a beloved character. Killing off a Darryl or Glenn fan favorite IN THE SHOW after you have just insulted your viewers IN REAL LIFE was one of the STUPIDEST things the creative department at The Walking Dead has done.

Personally, I have checked out on the show now. Honestly, what I would like is an apology. It may sound stupid but I was more offended that Gimple and Kirkman, in the face of fans mass disapproval, had the audacity to make excuses. I and many others feel like this was a waste of what until the ending was a stellar season. The producer’s failure to acknowledge that this was a misstep was almost more offensive than the crime itself.

I know I’m probably overreacting, but I was very invested in this show, as I know many of you are/were. What about the rest of you guys? Are you still in love with TWD or is the honeymoon over?

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