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Your Lie in April focuses on Kōsei Arima, a former pianist who was trained by his mother since he was young to be a prodigy. As the series begins, we learn Kōsei has stopped playing the piano two years prior due to him not being able to hear himself play. This all begins to change after a very odd meeting with Kaori Miyazono, a young violin player who starts to bring color to Kōsei’s world with her personality and musical style.

Your Lie in April isn’t your typical anime series. It’s actually heavy, slowly paced and story driven that brings a nice mix of emotions centered around classical music and relationships. The series starts off lighthearted with moments of comedy and a huge tone of sadness and a feeling of loneliness. As the episodes progress, it starts to add a pretty dark tone to the story that draws you in with music that really fits the moment perfectly.

Movie Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-


A-1 Pictures delivers another visually stunning series, complete with amazing visuals and characters. It’s really hard to explain just how great the performances are in this series. When you watch the contrast in styles of every character, whether it be Kōsei playing very traditionally, Kaori play the violin in her more wild energetic style to make the music her own or even a few of the other characters, it’s the subtle movements of each character drawn beautifully as you were actually watching someone do it in real life. It’s just a perfect balance of audio and visual bliss.

Featuring primarily vibrant light colors you would see in spring, it’s important to pay attention to just how well this series transitions into different scenes seamlessly with sharp and crisp animations presented in 1080p and 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

Video Rating: 4.5/5 AtomsNR 4_5 Atoms - A-


Your Lie in April does an amazing job of creating the perfect setting and moods through every piece of music. The performances, particularly in Japanese, are pretty powerful and convey some great emotions, whether just hanging out with friends or being in a sad moment. The series is based on music, and we hear great classical pieces being brought to life by the characters, which in turn is played based on their feelings and mood. It really creates a powerful listening experience to pieces like “Chopin’s Étude Op. 25”, “No. 5” and “Kreutzer Sonata”.

Presented in Linear 2.0 PCM Stereo, you can hear everything crystal clear which is obviously important for a series based on music, even without surround sound.

Audio Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms          

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

Special Features


Vol 1 Disc Specs:

  • Spoken Languages: Japanese & English
  • Subtitles: English & Spanish
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
  • Episodes: Episodes 1-11 (11 episodes)
  • Total Run Time: 250 min
  • Number of Discs: 4 (3 Blu-ray, 1 music CD)
  • Rating: 13 UP

Your Lie in April Set 1  includes:

  • Original Soundtrack CD Vol.1 by Masaru Yokoyama (Music Composer)
  • Collectible Postcards
  • Audio Commentary by English Cast (Ep.1)
  • Textless Opening & Ending
  • Box Illustration by Naoshi Arakawa (Original Creator)
  • BD Case Cover Illustration by Yukiko Aikei (Character Design)


Two things really caught my attention in this set. The first is the beautifully designed illustrated box and the second is the original soundtrack CD. It might be because I’m used to the more simplistic releases of Aniplex (don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy many of their illustrated box releases), but the first volume of Your Lie in April, as a whole, really stands out not just on the outside but the contents too.

After watching the series I’d really recommend listening to the original soundtrack in a nice silent room. It features a nice mix of music styles which starts off nice and relaxing and slowly enters some upbeat and beautiful melodies. There are only 10 tracks to listen to, but they are all worth listening to especially my two favorites, “Yurusumaji Tousatsuma (Unforgivable Pervert)” and “Boku no Sundeiru Machi wa Karafuru ni Irozuiteiru (The Town I Live in Is Colorful)”. There isn’t much in terms of on-disc extras, outside of an audio commentary in English.

Special Features Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

Final Reaction

Your Lie in April is one of those rare anime that really gets you emotionally evolved as it continues. It has a much slower pace but that’s part of its charm as it takes its time to really let you enjoy and learn more about these characters, their strengths and weaknesses and really drives in some really sad and powerful moments throughout the first 11 episodes. It’s one of those anime where by the end I really want to know what happens next since it’s so well written and brought to life.

Volume 2 isn’t set for a release until the end of next month, so it’s going to be a long month for me to find out just what happens, but I feel like it’s definitely worth it.

 Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms               

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-


Your Lie in April Set 1 Blu-ray – $129.98

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