Mass Effect Andromeda to have humanity looking for a new home?


When one thinks of the Mass Effect series, they think of saving the galaxy and the human race. Now it looks like the new Mass Effect Andromeda game will have players finding a new home for humanity, according to a leak from a user survey found by users from Reddit and NeoGAF.

After the events of the Mass Effect trilogy, the Reapers pretty much have total control over everything we do. Now the new game is looking to move things forward as humanity is on a journey to discover a new home beyond the Milky Way with the Andromeda galaxy. Instead of us being dominated by a superior alien threat, we’ll be the threat for the indigenous race who aren’t fond of us trespassing.

Players will get to explore planets in the open-world galaxy as a leader of an elite squad focused on finding humanity a new home. The choices in the game will decide the fate of their survival.

Again, this is coming from a survey, so things might change. The good thing is that EA and BioWare are open to user feedback, perhaps to prevent the fan backlash of the Mass Effect 3 ending.

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What do you think of the new direction of the series?

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