Final Fantasy XV’s release date and new demo announced, thanks to leaked video


The long awaited Final Fantasy XV finally has a release date… If this leaked video from GameSpot proves to be true.

The video was released a couple hours before Square-Enix’s upcoming “Uncovered” event in Los Angeles, but it has already been removed by Gamespot (NeoGAF mirrored the video here). The video reveals the date and details surrounding the road map towards the game’s final release.

Another detail that came out of the video is a new demo that lets players control a young Noctis that will be coming out after the event. The demo’s purpose is to show off the game’s final visual look and players who do complete it will have access to an exclusive Carbuncle summon in the final game. How this will affect the anticipation of the event remains to be seen, but people are no doubt excited that FFXV finally has a release date to show.

Are you excited for September 30th?

Source: NeoGAF

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