Final Fantasy XV’s Platinum Demo available now


During the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event, Square Enix announced a new demo for Final Fantasy XV. It won’t be included in the final game and was specially created to introduce and excite fans to the updated game mechanics and universe.

The Platinum Demo takes place inside Noctis’ dream as a young boy and starts with young Noctis “waking” up inside the Dreamscape. He is aided by Carbunkle, a small and cute cat-like creature. Here he’ll traverse a beautiful and rocky world, encountering enemies and fighting them using a toy sword and hammer. After seeing the Titan and Leviathan, Noctis warps into another dream world.

Noctis lands inside a pet’s water bowl and discovers that he’s the size of a small toy inside a giant room. This is a very cool level and is reminiscent of the Alice in Wonderland world from Kingdom Hearts. Here players will be able to test drive vehicles and mess with the game’s day and night cycle.

Later on players will be able to turn into different animals where they can test out their abilities.

Once that is done, the boss battle with the Iron Giant is waiting. Here’s a useful tip on defeating the boss: Once Carbunkle shows Noctis how to use the warp ability, warp towards the building you came out of, all the way to the top, and then unleash a warp attack that can deliver up to 7.4 x damage. Once the boss is defeated, you can end the demo or reach towards the end of the area for a chance to fight the same boss again in a harder difficulty.

Some elements from the demo will be carried over into the final game.

The Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV is now available for download on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Final Fantasy XV will also be complemented by an anime series and film.

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