GDC 2016: Galactic Junk League first impressions


In a post-apocalyptic desolate universe, the only fun that can be found is fighting and destroying others in savage junk arenas with a wide array of weapons ranging from advanced beam weapons to machine guns. Galactic Junk League combines tactical sandbox building with a skill-based multiplayer shooter. (Think the gummi ship builder from Kingdom Hearts meets the dogfights of Star Fox.) Add in the ability to customize special abilities like short distant warps and energy shields, and you’ve got yourself a good mixture of skill and strategy in this free-to-play online multiplayer shooter.


When you start out on your journey to be the most badass space pilot, you will be limited during construction of your ship. As you engage in either free for all battles or 5v5 PVP, you will soon be able to build the ship of your dreams. Each part attached to your ship grants certain bonuses such as armor, control, speed, etc; however, each part also comes with an equip cost for your ship to prevent players from just attaching every piece of space junk that they come across. Not only will your ship look different from all the others, it will also behave differently based on your build from the dozens of collected scraps and junk found after battle. Beware, you may also temporarily lose parts as you begin to take damage. This is where strategy comes into play. Do you target your opponents weapons so they can’t fire back or do you go for their engines and thrusters, leaving them motionless for their opponents to destroy? While damaging these components will weaken your opponents, you must destroy their core if you wish to destroy their ship and score points for your team.

Galactic Junk League will feature regular updates with new content to keep players in the skies. Check out the pre-alpha trailer below. The first beta will be available for download in Q2 until it hits Steam Early Access in the months following.

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