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Last year I took on one of the biggest ventures of my life in creating a professional grade podcast and Twitch streaming studio out of my home. Every detail was meticulously planned out, as every cable was hand soldered. Just like many of you out there, I wanted to build the mancave to rule them all. After months of planning and work, I looked down upon my digital kingdom, and it was good. Being completely sapped of money and energy, the things I didn’t have were comfortable chairs for myself and my podcast guests.

Typically our guests that come into the studio are seated for hours at a time. It occurred to me that since we went all out on the studio, the icing on the cake would be to order a round of four high-end gaming chairs from DxRacer. While in the process of saving money, my wife was amazing and purchased me one of the chairs as an early Christmas gift. Thankfully she did, as now I know that while the DxRacer Formula series is a very attractive chair, the quality, comfort, and customer support is pretty disjointed.

The Setup

The highlight of the DxRacer Formula chair was the assembly, as the entire build required little effort. In fact, the chair only required the fastening of less than a handful of bolts. I spent more time trying to track down bolts that I thought were missing, only to find out that they were “ever-so-conveniently” pre-threaded to the body of the chair. All things considered, the chair is largely pre-assembled, leaving very little work for the end user. The chair almost came together too easily. It took me reading the build flyer and watching the video a few extra times just to make sure I wasn’t forgetting something.

The Build Quality

While I was impressed with the ease of the build, I was also quite concerned with the quality of the chair itself. When spending the extra money on a brand name chair, my expectations were very high. I spent a lot of time reading reviews and visiting Fry’s Electronics to test out chairs that were much more affordable for stability and comfort. Sure enough, my first time sitting in it, there were issues with the recline lever. Typical office chair levers usually stick a little when they are brand new, but from the very beginning with the DxRacer Formula, the lever can just be described as clunky. Though it’s cool that the chair can recline completely to a flat position, the journey to being supine is neither smooth nor stable.

While I was generally unimpressed with the stability of the chair, the final straw was having both plastic round wheels on one of the casters snap within the first month. All of the weight of the sitter pushes the metal pin down on these cheap plastic casters. Assuming that this was a fluke in manufacturing, it’s hard to imagine that the exact same thing will not happen to the other wheels over time. As an update, the customer service team was responsive, and they were quick to refer me to another customer service rep who was going to send the replacement wheel. It’s good to know that DxRacer covers warranty issues of this nature for up to two years.



DxRacer is a relatively niche company, and therefore was not carried as stock in any of my local stores. I had to basically watch YouTube and read Amazon reviews to get a feel for how comfortable it would be. The reviews that I read were pretty scattered. I found comparable ‘racing’ style seats in a local store and gave it a shot. The one I tried was an off-brand that I found to be fairly comfortable. I used the comfort of the off-brand chair as justification that a DxRacer must be way more comfortable, being significantly more expensive.

Well, that was a mistake. While the chair hasn’t caused me any pain, it is definitely not as great for extended use as you may be lead to believe. I found the oversized lumbar pillow and headrest cushions aesthetically pleasing, but in practicality, it ended up useless. I also wish the bucket of the seat had more significant padding. While for me the narrow frame of the chair was okay, many of the people (of varying sizes) who tested my chair complained about feeling constricted. My final comfort complaint deals with the arm rests. While they are adjustable, they are unable to go short enough for me to get comfortable holding a controller or fight pad, as well as fit underneath the table.

Final Reaction

Through the past few months, I have come to describe DxRacer like this: DxRacer is to chairs what Beats by Dre are to headphones. With some great marketing endorsements and a high price tag, you can trick a lot of people into thinking that you have the best product on the market. I have been to sponsored events that use DxRacer chairs that I found were much more comfortable.

My advice to people who, regardless of review, are going to buy a DxRacer would be to just go ahead and buy the most premium model of chair and hope for the best. This lower-end Formula series of chair offers nothing to my gaming setup that comparable chairs couldn’t do for far less money. When people ask me about the DxRacer on stream or when guests come by and mention the chair, all I have to do is show them the broken wheel or let them sit in it for just a few minutes before they understand why I’m not glowing about the product.

Rating: 2/5 Atoms

NR 2 Atoms - D


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