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When it was announced that Fuller House was coming to the silver screen via Netflix, fans of the ’90s show Full House rejoiced at the thought of seeing what happened to our favorite kids now all grown up. The show was released last month and was so popular, a second season was announced. The show brought new and old characters that we all felt the nostalgia all over again. For me, it was Harry Takayama, Stephanie’s first childhood husband. Good ol’ Harry was Stephanie’s sidekick in the early years before puberty hit, which them to fall apart resulting in Stephanie becoming best friends with Gia during her teenage years. We all wondered, what happened to Harry?

Fortunately, Fuller House (and Full House) creator Jeff Franklin wanted to bring back Harry for an episode to fill the void we were all missing. The original actor who portrayed young Harry, Nathan Nishiguchi, was not available for the role, so auditions were held to find the perfect Adult Harry. Actor Michael Sun Lee stepped in and won over the role and our hearts in his role as Harry Takayama, CPA.


Lee, known for his roles on Hawaii Five-O and his voice in the upcoming animation Kubo and the Two Strings, was ready to take on the role of Stephanie’s old beau, especially since Full House was one of his guilty pleasures growing up. “As a young kid, you want to be cool and not admit that you watch Full House or Family Matters, which were PG. You always admit you watch the ’18-year-old’ shows,” Lee joked. “It was a guilty pleasure watching Full House. It was actually part of a block of TV shows on Friday night. There was Full House, Step By Step, Family Matters.”

Another guilty pleasure? Having a crush on his on-screen “wife”, Stephanie Tanner. Lee admits, “My favorite character on Full House was Stephanie. I just thought she was the cutest one. You know. As a kid, she had a lisp too and I had one too. I could identify with that.”

As for portraying Harry, Lee already knew a lot about the character prior to getting the role. He remembered what the fans remembered – the Takayama-Tanner wedding with Stephanie walking towards her groom with a saran wrap veil. Lee commented,”I remembered it. When I got the audition, I thought ‘I remember that guy’. I only referred back to that episode for [some] flavoring. Everything else is was written down for me. The writers are that good. Everything you need to play the role is on the page. I just needed a little flavoring – what he’s like as an adult? What would he look like now?”

Well, as far as we know based on episode 9 titled ‘War of Roses’, we learned Harry Takayama has become a handsome CPA who helps with the family’s accounting. Lee commented, “Making Harry a CPA as an adult serves the writing of when he was a kid. I thought that was clever on how they brought him back and why.” Of course, it wouldn’t take long for our favorite straight-laced Full House friend to be taken and engaged to be married… to another woman. Lee joked, “Or a man for that matter. It is San Francisco.”


We honestly don’t know who Harry is marrying, but we would definitely love to see more of Harry for the next season. Possibly Harry’s wedding? Lee admits he’d love to come back on the show to see who the lucky person will be. “I’d love to see who he gets married to. They never stated. I was joking around that would be great if Stephanie could sing at Harry’s wedding. Maybe have Jesse and the Rippers as my wedding band. She’s a really good singer,” said Lee. Since Harry is Jesse’s accountant, he could ‘write it off’ on his taxes. Genius.

Lee has gotten a lot of positive responses for his role as Harry, especially from the fans who created memes of Stephanie/Harry’s love. “It’s crazy. I’m excited about it,” Lee admits. “If you go into my Instagram or Facebook, there were fans who made montages of Harry and Stephanie. The fanbase is crazy awesome.” Maybe in the second season, Stephanie and Harry realized they loved each other all along and Harry ends his engagement. Lee joked, “Stephanie likes to play the field. He could only wait so long. She had her chance!”

As for the other characters, Lee likes to consider himself all three of the cool men from the original Full House – the cool Uncle Jesse, the funny Uncle Joey, and neat freak Danny. Lee tells us, “I kind of like things a certain way, I like to joke around like Joey, and I always think I’m a pretty cool guy. Jesse is a cool guy. I’m usually that guy – THAT uncle.”

If you’re also wondering if who he is cheering for DJ to be with, Lee admits to us he’s 100%, Team Matt. “I am, right now, Team Matt, because I got to know John Brotherton, who plays Matt, quite a bit. I haven’t met Scott because he shot separately from us, but I have to say ‘Team Matt’, ” Lee added, “John Brotherton is a great guy. He better not mess this up [with DJ].”

As for binge watching the season, Lee tells us he’s going to take it slow, because “What do you do afterward?” He admits, “I got choked up after a couple of episodes. I thought ‘What’s happening to me?’ I’m a grown man, but it’s so sentimental.”

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