The fire to burn Nassau has ignited – Black Sails XXVI review


An uneasy stalemate appears to have halted the battle for Nassau, for now at least. Flint’s return to Nassau is met with Governor Rogers awaiting his arrival to discuss some resolution between the two parties. As they depart, Flint and his crew disappear into the horizon despite their initial message to forcibly recruit new members. Rogers appears to have gained another victory, and with both the gold and Jack Rackham in his possession, Nassau is once again under English rule and Rogers’ debt to Spain is repaid. Unfortunately for Rogers, his encounters with piracy doesn’t end there. With the Spanish intelligence found by Teach and Vane, the secret transport of Rackham with the gold has been exposed and it’s the only chance Flint has at reigniting his war against Nassau, not by their hands but at the hands of Spain. We closely inch toward the Season 3 finale of Black Sails and XXVI may be the most treacherous episode yet.

Flint, Vane, and Anne Bonny await for Featherstones men to return. The only link they have inside Nassau is with Featherstone and with that the only means to finding the route for Rackham’s departure. Rogers oversees his departure directly, and inadvertently¬†provides a clue to the plan in place for his escape. Knowing that Anne Bonny is still alive, Rackham deduces Flint’s plan to intercept the caravan and help Rackham escape. With small talk, Rackham also inadvertently gives a clue to Rogers about the plan in place but is brushed off as nothing more than wishful thinking. Max also picks up on the same clue as Rackham when informed by Eleanor that Bonny is alive. Pleas to Captain Chamberlain fall to deaf ears even though Max reveals she herself discovered the route Rogers has chosen. When Max reveals neither herself or her source has spoken to anyone, Chamberlain brushes them off. Swallowing her pride, Eleanor reaches out to Hornigold and informs him of what she knows. At first he appears to brush off her information as well, he reveals that even though they saw Flint and his ship The Walrus sail away, he had one of his crew watch them disappear and observed lights flickering.


As Rackham recounts a story about his father’s failing business and his own failure in reviving it, Rogers exclaims despite what Rackham feels was given to him, he did not disclose everything he went through in his story but only what he wanted people to know. In what can be described as one of the most intense scenes of the season, attackers arrive to attack the caravan. From the orders to engage and attack from behind by Rackham, the scenes are woven together seamlessly as if done in a single shot. Rogers proves himself to be a worthy adversary, engaging directly against the attackers in hand to hand combat while climbing around the caravan itself before being disabled and toppled over. Rackham and a portion of the treasure are secured with Flint fleeing with the treasure. As Rackham is loaded to Bonny’s horse, they spot men heading their way. Before Vane can climb aboard his horse, he is shot by Rogers. Seeing his debt to Spain slip out of his hands, he engages against Vane, twice disarming him but is eventually overpowered just as Hornigolds men arrive and capture Vane.

Hornigold himself is now sailing toward the Walrus to John Silver’s surprise. Having been on the edge of the horizon, their presence was not visible. Hornigold has deduced the flickering lights to be from a scope spying on Nassau, and with the revelation of a plan to ambush Rogers present, Hornigold awaits his encounter with Flint. With Flint now securing a portion of Spain’s gold and Rackham, the final piece of his battle for Nassau is set. Vane is now in Rogers’ custody and Flint knows he needs to save him right away. Vanes death on Nassau will send a strong message against piracy and Flint, but Billy intervenes and convinces him to stay knowing that the war that is being created by the stolen gems will need to be lead by Flint. Billy opts to stay to save Vane possibly by persuaded the townsman to be sympathetic toward Vane. Hornigold’s sudden appearance to thwart the attackers and now intercepting the Walrus shows Hornigold isn’t ready to lay arms yet.


The clock is ticking and as Season 3 is coming to an end, Spain will eventually know their gold is not coming and the one who has stolen it first is not coming as well. The battle for Nassau isn’t over with the two warring sides fighting hard. One to ensure that Nassau will fall back into piracy and the other to remain under English rule. The cost Flint has seen has been great, but we know that Flint will cross any boundary set and any alliance created to ensure he gets what he wants. Hornigold’s hand has now been forced and is once again seeking Flint, not just for the death of his quartermaster Dufrense, but to settle unfinished business with Flint after their first encounter. Eleanor is now face to face with Vane and disregarding their history, she now faces the man who killed her father, Richard Guthrie, forever changing the course of Nassau. It is uncertain if and when the battle for Nassau will end, but what is certain is that Spain is coming. Rogers’ role as savior of Nassau is slowly dying and may eventually have to answer to Spain. England may not be there to protect Nassau nor any of its inhabitants not if, but when Spain arrives.

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