WWE teaming up with Scopley to release a puzzle game… yes, a puzzle game


There are two things I never thought would mix. Puzzle games and World Wrestling Entertainment. I don’t mean Big E. Langston facing off against Seth Rollins in a game of Tetris or Puyo Pop (which would honestly be kind of cool), but rather a mobile gem-matching game where bigger combos let you perform signature moves.

Developed by Scopley, the team that worked on brand-based mobile games like The Walking Dead: Road to Survival and Yahtzee With Buddies, WWE Champions is a new mobile game that is set to release later this year for iOS and Android devices. You will be able to collect WWE Superstars and customize them as you have them battle against other opponents.

It’s definitely a different way to play a wrestling game where you combine high impact action with the very popular match-3 market. It’s not the first time the WWE has released mobile games. (Check out the digital card game SuperCard and Immortals.)


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