Capcom laying down the law on Street Fighter V players who frequently rage quit

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While not a permanent solution, Capcom has begun handing out its own brand of justice to those players who like to frequently disconnect or “Rage Quit” in Street Fighter V. One user known as WORLD_COMBO found this out the hard way as he went from the first-ranked player in the world to unranked in less than an hour.


The first image (above) shows WORLD_COMBO and New York’s own Arturo “TS-Sabin” Sanchez as the first two players to achieve the Super Platinum ranking. That is until Capcom decided to look into the matter of frequents complaints of WORLD_COMBO taking advantage of quitting the game to avoid losing any points.


An hour later, Capcom took it upon itself to hand out a just punishment and show that cheaters never win. With that, WORLD_COMBO’s League Points went from 10,047 to 676, sending him right back to Bronze after losing 9,371 LP points. (Images taken by EventHub’s John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero)

Chances are that you may  have experienced this issue where players quickly quit during a match first hand. While Capcom is still working on a solution, it informs players to upload videos of these users to its social media pages and shame them.

Source: EventHubs

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