DIY hologram projector

Photo by: Mrwhosetheboss

Photo by Mrwhosetheboss

While you might have some trouble getting your hands on a real hologram projector, there’s a way you can project your very own holograms right from your smart phone for free!

Here’s what you will need:

  • A pencil
  • Graphing paper (if you don’t have any you can print or make your own)
  • A utility knife
  • Clear tape
  • A clear CD case

Gather your supplies and follow the steps below and soon you will be impressing all of your nerdy friends with your very own holograms.

Step 1:

On the graphing paper, draw a trapezoid being 6cm long at the bottom, 1cm on top, and both diagonal sides being 3.5cm long. Cut this trapazoid out. Alternatively, you can print this same template online, but where’s the fun in that?

Step 2:

Using your nifty new template, trace and cut out four trapezoids from the clear plastic face of a CD case.

Step 3:

Tape these pieces together to make a pyramid.

Step 4:

Place this pyramid upside down on your phone’s screen. While this may not project every image, there are dozens of websites that have projections that will work with your new advanced form of projection technology.

This is a nifty little science project that isn’t too complicated and has such a wild result. Try experimenting with different sizes to see if you can get a larger hologram.

Science question of the day: How large would this hologram have to be to project Lord Snoke?

For additional information, check out this detailed video created by Mrwhosetheboss!

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