Exclusive: Agent Carter to be renewed for season 3

AGent Carter 2

Update: We apologize for this, but Agent Carter won’t be renewed for a third season. We will try harder in the future to make sure our sources are correct. (via EW)

Original Story:

Marvel’s Agent Carter ended its season two finale this week, and fans are worried that ABC won’t be renewing the series due to low ratings. Episode 8 and 9 aired back-to-back last week with just 2.5 million viewers and had a 0.7 rating for adults 18-49. The finale was the lowest of the season with 2.35 million viewers. (Last year’s finale had 4.02 million viewers with a 1.3 rating for adults 18-49.)

However, we have some good news. A source within the studio has revealed to us that ABC has decided to stick with the show and will be renewing Agent Carter for season three. Marvel hasn’t made the official announcement yet, but it has revealed that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been renewed for season four.

The first season of Marvel’s Agent Carter followed Peggy Carter’s journey in New York City as she tries to live on without Captain America and prove that she is a valued asset to SSR. The second season has her heading to Los Angeles to investigate a murder case that leads her on a mission to stop an evil scientist from possessing the ultimate power.

Personally, I thought Agent Carter season 2 could have been better (Whitney Frost wasn’t a compelling enough villain). I’m hoping Marvel will be able to redeem itself with the third season.

What did you guys think of Agent Carter season 2? What was your favorite thing about the show? Least favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Shemp DeYoung

    Are you nuts? Whitney Frost was amazing.

    • QTN

      She’s another Marvel TV villain (with Killgrave and Kingpin) that put the Marvel movie villains to shame.

      • Nosferatu Zodd

        Easy to do with 13 hours of build up. Loki being one of Marvels best villains while also appearing in 3 films, going on 4, to possibly 6 (Infinity War 1&2), is no coincidence.

        • ieyke

          Loki managed most of that in one movie.

          • Nosferatu Zodd

            Loki was at his best in Thor 1. But if he hadn’t been the villain in Avengers (if he had stayed dead) we wouldn’t be talking about him.

      • Bryan

        What?! Kingpin was fantastic…

      • Krazy Joe

        You can’t compare Whitney Frost to amazing villains like The Real Mandarin (Guy Pierce), Loki, Ultron, Red Skull, Alexander Pierce, Ronan, Whiplash, etc. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had too many awesome villains.

        • Breezy B. Apunk

          Whiplash? Seriously? The general consensus is that he’s absolutely abysmal. And aside from Loki, none of the other villains that you listed were all that great, either.

          Kilgrave > Kingpin >>>>> ALL of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Baddies

    • Jason Wright

      I loved Whitney Frost but I felt cheated in the finale. It seemed like a lot of buildup with no pay off. I felt like she deserved a better story than she got, and so did we.

      • Nosferatu Zodd

        Sounds more like you wanted a big explosive finish for her instead of her going crazy and being put into an asylum. her overall story was great.

        I agree that her being depowered like that felt a little anti-climatic but that has more to do the mystery of the Zero Matter. I was fine how she ended up, I just wish they showed/hinted more about where Zero Matter came from or what Zero Matter will mean for the MCU (Cloak & Dagger!).

        • Jason Wright

          What it sounds like and what it is are apparently very different. It was simply anti-climactic, as you said, which was heightened for me as it was the finale, and possibly the last we’ll ever see of the character. I don’t mind her ending her story in the asylum at all; in fact that was the only moment that I liked for her in the episode. But she was used so prominently throughout the season that it was surprising to me that her endgame didn’t seem to equal the amount of time devoted to getting us there.

          • Joshua Kronengold

            I very much doubt this is the last we’ll see of Masque (ie Whitney Frost).

    • hirsty

      Shemp – the actress playing her just didn’t feel evil enough and I didn’t get the dilemma coming from the Doctor who was Carter’s love intetest. He seemed to turn to Frost’s side way too easily. Still love the show as Atwell is brilliant as is Jarvis but slightly disappointing after season 1 and there seems to be no inkling of when Shield will be formed. That’s what we all expected to see in this series.

  • ZeoVGM

    What in the world? The finale was a bit anti-climactic but Whitney was amazing.

  • PinkPeril

    Don’t tease, that’s just mean. IF it were true, take us across the pond Marvel, London 1948!

    • G*

      Just so long as it’s really London and not the awful faux-England that we saw during season 2.

    • DNACowboy

      Yea, England post war would be incredible if it was really England!

  • Spider’s Web

    This show is so much more important than mere ratings! It’s all about the anthology of the MCU of Peggy as First Lady of Marvel! 🙂 + Hayley Atwell totally nails the period glamour & style in killer heels! They must carry on to at the very least the establishment of S.H.I.E.L.D in the beginning. Maybe we’ll also get a glimpse of baby Tony Stark too at some point? 🙂

    • QTN

      to be fair, knowing Edwin Jarvis as we do now…I think it’s obvious that he had a big influence on young Tony and thus why he named a computer after him.

    • Jason Wright

      In the tie-in comics Tony is born in 1970, 5 years after the actor that plays him. Unless Season 3 is set significantly later than the 1940’s setting of the first 2 seasons (which would actually be fine with me), then they’d have to do a flash-forward or something, which would also be fine with me. In fact, a satisfying finale for the series would be to flash forward showing the fates of the characters through to “Iron Man” or so, which chronologically would be the next thing to watch. But I’d love to see more groundwork laid for the later M.C.U. stories, and as QTN pointed out, it seems pretty clear that Tony knew Edwin Jarvis thanks to his creation of J.A.R.V.I.S., which has always been cool.

      • Spider’s Web

        Excellent points, thank you! 🙂

      • ieyke

        I’m still waiting on a TV show called “Tales To Astonish!: The Adventures of Ant-Man & the Wasp”, all about Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne’s time as Ant-Man and the Wasp back in the 70’s and 80’s, and THAT is where you’d have older Peggy and older Howard (played by John Slattery), and meet young Tony and whatnot.

    • hirsty

      And the death of Howard Stark at the hands of Hydra. He must find out they still exist within Shield and they kill him to keep it quiet.

  • AWESOME. They need to hurry up and just form SHIELD though. Bring back Red Skull while they’re at it, then find a way for Captain America to go back in time (or have Agent Carter go forward in time), at least long enough for them to have their dance. LOL Psychological closure from the first Captain America. We need it! =P

  • carterrogers

    Definitely a lackluster season. Agent Carter is one of my favorite characters of all time, but this season did not do her justice. A completely unnecessary love triangle, a stubborn focus on men, backstory that undercuts her as a character, and a final love interest she who has treated her like garbage in the past. Not to mention the complete failure to mention Captain America in a Captain America spinoff.

    Of course she has to move on, but they acted like he had never existed.

    All in all, if they’re renewed, I hope they go back to the first season’s feel and for the love of all things holy dump the romance aspect. Preferably be revealing that the woman in season 2 was an imposter and the real Peggy was kidnapped by Leviathan or something.

    • Anajarvis

      They aren’t going to mention captain america all the time. They mentioned him season one and went through that story line. It’s agent carter for a reason and will go through the life of peggy without Steve. She ended up with Sousa who never treated her like garbage. And her back story Is one that shows us how she got to where she is today.

      • kelly coates

        Yes he did and if u chose to not acknowledge that then that’s up to u

      • hirsty

        Is this who she marries as she said in Winter Soldier in the interview at the museum that it was someone Steve had rescued in the War. Sousa has never mentioned Cap rescued him.

    • Krazy Joe

      That ‘lackluster’ season was far superior to the rather dull first season.

    • George Lochinski

      “Not to mention the complete failure to mention Captain America in a Captain America spinoff.”

      This is legit, though. I kind of feel like Cap should have appeared in her 50s-musical dream sequence that opened one of the last episodes…but prob all sorts of logistical issues involving a Chris Evans cameo

    • kelly coates

      I agree, and sousa wasn’t being respectful stabbing her in the back with out even a sorry after getting it wrong plus no mention what so ever of Angie we didn’t even get a goodbye scene

  • Larry_T

    Agent Carter is a great show.The problem with ratings is that they don’t tell the whole story. I don’t have a tv service, but I want to keep this show and be able to review it at any time. So I buy the episodes on Amazon and watch them when my wife and I have the time. So I tend to acquire and watch the episodes up to two weeks after they air. So the ratings service don’t record me.

  • Mandy Millett

    Gotta agree this season wasn’t as good as the first. It was a bit too cartoonish. I love Peggy! And I really liked the development of the relationship between Peggy and Daniel. What vexes me is they appeared to kill off Peggy’s brother. How can Sharon be her niece if they kill off her brother? Of course it’s Marvel and no one really ever dies, right?

  • Mandy Millett

    Gotta agree this season wasn’t as good as the first. It was a bit too cartoonish. I love Peggy! And I really liked the development of the relationship between Peggy and Daniel. What vexes me is they appeared to kill off Peggy’s brother. How can Sharon be her niece if they kill off her brother? Of course it’s Marvel and no one really ever dies, right?

  • Mandy Millett

    Gotta agree this season wasn’t as good as the first. It was a bit too cartoonish. I love Peggy! And I really liked the development of the relationship between Peggy and Daniel. What vexes me is they appeared to kill off Peggy’s brother. How can Sharon be her niece if they kill off her brother? Of course it’s Marvel and no one really ever dies, right?

    • Cristi Nino

      Doesn’t need to be her brother’s kid to be her niece. If she marries (she was wearing a wedding band in Ant-Man) she would still be an Aunt to her husband’s sibling’s kids.

      • Mandy Millett

        Sharon’s last name is Carter. It’s more likely she’s related to Peggy than her husband.

        • Arlette

          True! It’s just that the MCU might explain it away. Or she took the name Carter because she was orphaned in an accident and Peggy and Mr. Peggy raised her. Who knows!

      • DiLyn Stephens

        But, Agent 13’s last name is Carter. However, they don’t say he died. They show the officers talking to her parents, we assume they’re telling them he died. WWII times, occasionally they would report a man KIA when he was actually just missing.

    • nivekious

      Is she her niece or her great niece? Niece never really made sense to me with Sharon being roughly 70 years younger (about the age Peggy was in the 1940s in th 2010s).

      • Mandy Millett

        She would be her Great niece. In he original comic Sharon was her niece but Capt was only in the ice for 20 years. That of course has been expanded.

  • Carl Robison

    I thought the season could have completed the story arc in half the time. There was a lot of filler (ie. stealing nuclear rods, just to have them re-stolen…). I’m glad it’s coming back! It’s a great show with a great cast of heroes!

  • amandameezer

    Whitney Frost was one of the best villains ever. Cold, subtle and, well, frosty. That’s the kind of sociopathic crazie who gives me nightmares.

  • karenbrown65

    I loved it. Given that it, in two seasons, had less episodes, I imagine, than ONE season of AoS, I figure, time to build and develop its universe is due, and it’s doing a great job. Fantastic complex characters that aren’t pure heros without being the now cliche ‘gritty’, great villains, humor and action.

  • Stephanie Press

    Favorite: Whitney Frost. Least favorite: Peggy and dudes.

    • Bryan

      I felt the exact opposite

  • Michael Lopez

    Lindsey Frost will be back. As Madame Masque. Personally, i think AC did pretty well. It helps when you have a beautiful girl like Hayley Attwell.

  • Michael Cannon

    While I hope this turns out to be true, it’s just rumor at best right now.

  • Richard Pachter

    I bailed after a couple of episodes. Just didn’t hook me.

  • Bryan

    I think this season wasn’t as good as the first one either. I kind agree about Whitney.

    One thing I think it missed was Howard Stark presence. In the first season he was in a handful of episodes and I think this season he was only in one.

    I also would like to see them finally start forming SHIELD. I understand not jumping into that right away but I think it’s time to start pulling at that thread more directly. This is especially important due to the low ratings. It’s a miracle if this does get renewed so they need to start moving on that because if things keep this way there won’t be a 4th chance.

  • Saba


    • Bryan

      It said that agent carter season 3 and agents of shield season 4 will both be renewed

  • Delisa

    Loved it…….

  • Jen

    I liked season 2, the Lady in the Lake thing was cool. I wish that could have gone farther. I was a lot less interested in zero matter which really didn’t seem scary at all. I like that Peggy is gorgeous but average weight, she’s like a size six or eight which is awesome. I love the side characters. Rose, Samberly, Tony Stark and Jarvis are actually the best part of the show.

  • AgentCarterFan

    Whitney Frost was by far one of the most compelling villain’s I’ve seen on tv in a long time. Not only was she one of the most well constructed characters with one of the most interesting backstories, but she was also a genius who was subjected to gender normative lifestyle of being idolized by her beauty rather than her brains. She was manipulated by power and greed, and when she got the Zero Matter she went ballistic. Rewatching the season you see the development of the characters more clearly, and definitely it was one of the best things about the show. Yes, we didn’t get a showdown as extreme as last season’s, but it’s interesting to see the contrast. Rather than trying to stop a kill machine, Dottie, they had to stop a megalomaniac, Frost, by using her own creations against her. We got to see every single character shine in their own way. We even got a backstory with Peggy and how she joined the SSR. We were introduced to more plots by the characters actions, especially Jack, and now they can develop those plots and start to make the SSR evolve into SHIELD. There are so many options for this show to take after this season because it was so well constructed. There were some cosmetic flaws, I don’t deny that, but overall it was amazing,

  • Fritz Leipold

    Really loved the second series – I thought it was far better in terms of pacing and story than Series 1. Loved the dialogue, getting to know Rose better, Dr. Wilkes, and Howard’s timely appearance (any time they can get more Dominic Cooper it’s a good thing in my book). Not mad keen on the Peggy/Souza relationship, though it’s been pushed hard since series 1, and not happy with the shooting of Jack Thompson at the end.

  • chrisfs

    I liked Season 2 quite a bit once I got used to the more supernatural elements.

  • GlassSpiider

    I didn’t love it but I liked it enough to watch another season if it is indeed renewed.

  • William Fuchs

    The lack of agency is what drives me crazy about this series there just isnt any real threat we know the marvel universe goes on so nothing that happens seems to matter nothing to justify the story being told

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  • Somewhat Swedish

    I feel the whole “love”-arc between Carter and Sousa could have been skipped entirely, and also that they should make Peggy work more as a female agent rather than a pair of trousers, her beating up men twice her size simply isn’t believable (but sure, since it is a MCU-thing I can live with it, though I feel it makes her less believable as a character). In other words, the writers gotta step up for an eventual season 3.

    • kelly coates

      The season was rubbish especially the completely forced Peggy Sousa relationship

  • Michaele Jordan

    Peggy’s costumes in Season 2 were a bit too over the top. They passed beyond late 40’s fashion and into superhero garb. Whitney Frost just wasn’t alluring enough to pull off her role, and the Russian assassin (who was much more interesting) just disappeared. But I did like the show, and am very pleased it’s coming back.

  • Fate Jacket X

    That’s why this site is kinda stupid. Whitney Frost was fantastic. Ugh, taking these guys off my bookmarks asap.

  • T. Hakeem

    I love this show. Few episodes were a little slow, finale a little bit of a whimper, buts its still so fantastic. Some of the best and well-written characters, dialogue and amazing production value. As much as I do love The Flash and like the Arrow, they could take a few lessons from Agent Carter. I just pray people watch it! I’m not sure it can survive another year with such low numbers.

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  • Uh, Not to doubt your sources but I wouldn’t bet that Carter would get renewed for any amount of money. They just replaced the head of ABC partially because they renewed shows that weren’t getting good ratings like Agent Carter. Hayley already has another show lined up and they’ve got another spinoff with Bobbi and Hunter. There’s no real important plot lines that need wrapped up for another season, and we already know what happens to Carter.

    • swanpride

      That article is most likely clickbait, but word is that the former head of ABC intended to cancel Agent Carter. Who knows what the current one will do.
      I wouldn’t bet on a renewal either, and if the season had concluded all arcs, it most likely wouldn’t happen. But as it is, it could damage the Marvel Brand if they leave the story unsolved, so we might get some sort of wrap-up.

  • Cadiva

    Oh I do hope so, it definitely needs a season to wrap things up and show us the founding of SHIELD

  • Manas Chakraborty

    I feel the content of season 2 of agent carter was better than in season 1. And all the actors are doing a gr8 job. Not releasing further seasons would be disheartening for fans lyk us.

  • Brett Hampton

    This is hardly “exclusive.” This same rumor has been posted on numerous websites.

  • Eter Puralis

    The second season of Agent Carter felt really scattered to me… And dammit, what was with that meaningless romance just shoved in there, blergh. Still, I really want a season 3 to redeem it.

    Frost was good, though.

  • Tevon Campbell

    They need to include the howling commandos in the next season like they did in season one. Would gain more viewers.

  • Online72

    Give us an unsolved mystery from WWII which requires flashback to Cap, Comandos and a possible Invaders meeting. Or, the 50s Cap shows up thinking he is Cap with the Red Skull as the main villain with cube in hand. Just give us more Peggy!

  • Krazy Joe

    Season 2 or Agent Carter was better than season one.

  • Morgan Colin

    I hope we get Season 3 so that we can see the transition to Peggy starting SHIELD.

  • cbkitys

    Loved everything about the show! Alien technology is just what’s needed for agent Carter and Howard Stark to create SHIELD!

  • georgeversion1

    Honestly my favorite parts of Season 2 was introduction of The Council and seeing Peggy’s back story too. We got to see how she turned from expert code breaker into the secret agent that she is. It also showed how Hydra was slowly infiltrating our government and moving their people into power. It think the worst parts about Season 2 were the forced love interest with Jason and the Zero Matter mcguffin. Zero Matter was worthless and worst part about Whitney Frost’s character had to do with Zero Matter. It was boring and unimaginative, and sadly it rubbed off on Whitney. I think Whitney would have been better served by removing Zero Matter from the equation and have her manipulating her husband and the council doing what she wanted without the rather lackluster Zero Matter and it’s power.

  • Robert Rodriguez

    1) Totes agree that the finale was super anti-climactic. Major let-down.
    2) Still love the show!
    3) Would love to see cameos or recurring 1940’s era heroes such as Captain America 2 (Willaim Naslund/Spirit of 76) Captain America 3 (Jeff Mace/The Patriot), Miss America & The Whizzer, Union Jack, The Invaders, etc.
    4) Would love to see Elliot Randolph, the Asgardian from AoS maybe make an appearance on Agent Carter as well, it would tie-in both series nicely.

    Basically IF season 3 does happen and it’s the final one, go all out!

    • phil

      I agree showing them would be awesome and showing whizzer and introducing him would also be beneficial if they still want to some how squeeze him into scarlet witches life and quicksilvers if they bring him back.


    Agent carter is so hot.

  • DNACowboy

    Agent Carter is probably the most refreshing to entertainment in years and I foresee a great future for the show. I expect to see the ratings climb once world properly gets around. The worst thing ABC could do is cancel the show as I have expectations AC is going to become a cult classic along the lines of Firefly.

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  • beejazz

    My favorite was the last scene. Where she finally kisses agent Sousa. The best!!!

    • rs1981

      Agreed ! I threw my hands up in the air, and screamed “Finally !” It was long overdue.

  • Cathrine Eikre

    They HAVE to continue the story because we really need to see Peggy Carter, Howard Stark and Col. Chester Phillips found S.H.I.E.L.D. We need to see them have that conversation.

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  • Yeen badu

    Love this show please renew it for season 3

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  • hirsty

    What and have to pay for it? I think not.

    • Atirus Gaming

      Cheapo! Netflix is cheaper than cable or dish.

    • Atirus Gaming

      You’re paying for now? You think that cable/dish you watching the shows on is free?

  • phil

    I love the show it’s not popular because of the kind of show it is and the time period it’s set in, but it is a necessary show to fill the gaps in a mcu universe. I think it’s actually more important than shield, but both shows important and worth keeping.

  • ohhoworiginal

    If this is true… HURRAH! Season 2 definitely had its storytelling problems (which they’d be able to address in another season!), and as much as I supported the PeggySous romance, they could’ve done a lot better than a love quadrangle. We also better get around to founding SHIELD already. Dunno how much more of this renewal nonsense I can handle.

  • Ruchira

    We need to see the founding of SHIELD. And we have unresolvedq questions such as the mystery shooter and the arena key and Dottie Underwood. Bring on Season 3 already.

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