Disney princesses as dolls bring animated scenes to life

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You can say that Nerd Reactor loves Disney and its princesses. The last Disney Princesses gallery we covered was the one featuring the princesses illustrated in the manga style. There are also versions inspired by Star Wars, real-life portraits, Indian fashion, and cross-dressing. Now we have something from Disney’s latest photo series, Dream Big, that captures popular Disney princess scenes and brings them to life using cute dolls, real-life sets, and props.

The photos were taken by toy photographer Brain McCarty and feature scenes from Princess and the FrogTangled and Pixar’s Brave.

Tangled Scene: Rapunzel and Her Floating Lantern

tangled Rapunzel_Flynn_8_Bit

The photo captures Rapunzel and Eugene’s boat ride to the lantern festival in Tangled. It’s a magical moment and McCarty did a great job of capturing the colors, mood, and the romance.

Here’s the animated still from Tangled for comparison.

tangled Rapunzel

Brave Scene: Merida on Her Horse in the Forest

brave Princess_Merida_Wide_8_Bit

This photo captures the excitement of Merida riding on her horse as she hones her archery skills. It really pops out thanks to the forest background, Merida’s hair and dress, and the dark horse.

Below is the animated still from the film for comparison.

brave Merida_01

The Princess and the Frog Scene: Tiana on the Balcony

princess frog Tiana_Balcony_Medium_8_Bit

Here we see Princess Tiana looking at the night sky. It’s a lovely night with a gorgeous cloudy background and warm lights coming from inside the house.

Below is the still from the movie.

princess and the frog Tiana

If you’re interested to see how McCarty created these shots, check out the behind-the-scene photos below.

disney dream big princesses IMG_3464 disney dream big princesses IMG_3473 disney dream big princesses IMG_3494 disney dream big princesses IMG_3522 disney dream big princesses IMG_3627 disney dream big princesses IMG_3641 disney dream big princesses IMG_5111 disney dream big princesses IMG_5116

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