Star Wars and Mario Kart come together to make Star Kart and we wish it were real

Star kart

As a gamer, Mario Kart has been a long standing staple to have and play in my life. I mean, I’m sure many of you can attest that some of the best gaming experiences you’ve had, revolved around this game (Goldeneye is most likely the other). Now imagine if we had Mario Kart game that had combined with the Star Wars universe. How awesome is that thought? Well, YouTuber Dark Pixel has decided to give us a glimpse of what that game would look like.

We see a race begin on the iconic Rainbow Road, but then everyone makes a jump to lightspeed while making stops along the way on Tatooine, Hoth and the Death Star. The stars of the race are of course the characters and the vehicles they pilot. Mario is in an X-Wing, while Toadstool plays R2-D2, Luigi is piloting a Y-Wing, Bowser in a TIE Advanced, Bowser Jr. in a TIE Interceptor, Yoshi in an A-Wing, and finally Shy Guy at the helm of Boba Fett’s Slave 1. You’re probably wondering why the Millennium Falcon isn’t listed, and that’s because it’s not in the race. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t in the video.

Check it out for yourself below. Hopefully Nintendo takes note of this and we can hope to see this crossover come to fruition in the future.

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