Deadpool spoofs Kanye West in the best way possible

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Do you think Ryan Reynolds in character as Deadpool would make a great host for Saturday Night Live? If you do, you’d agree with 69,000+ people who have already signed a petition on

So what does Deadpool think about the whole situation? You can watch his hilarious response in the video below where he calls out SNL producer/creator Lorne Michaels. However it does contain a lot of profanity, so you’ve been warned.

Sounds familiar? Well, it should since it’s actually a spoof on Kanye West’s backstage tantrum that was just recently released. You know the same guy who is asking for $53 million because he is in debt but still admits he is wealthy and can buy furs for his family.

The best thing about the whole thing is that Ryan Reynolds does an amazing job of doing everything in character, so it would definitely be a must-watch episode of Saturday Day Night Live if it does ever happen.

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