Kojima lists Mad Max, Straight Outta Compton and Star Wars as the best films of 2015

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Ever since his departure from Konami, it seems that former Metal Gear Solid developer Hideo Kojima had gained a new lease on life. Recently, Kojima launched his new Youtube Series called Hideo Tube. He recorded the episode at the Youtube Space in Tokyo, and the first episode focused on the top movies of 2015. Kojima is a huge movie buff, which you can tell from many of the references that he makes in his games.

Kojima along with Kenji Yano listed their 10 favorite films from last year. Keep in mind that some of them have only recently release in Japan.

10.) Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Hideo says that J.J. did a really great job and that in the end people will always complain. He also reveals that he has known J.J. from when he was much younger and less famous.

9.) Fires on the Plain: This is a Japanese film that deals with the illness, starvation and brutality in the Philippines at the tail-end of WW2.

8.) Straight Outta Compton: While Kojima admits that he’s not the biggest fan of rap music, he loved this movie and would highly recommend it.

7.) The Intern: Hideo says that this film has a very 1980’s kind of vibe to it. He says that different generations can enjoy it and it is a really feel good type of movie.

6.) Shaun the Sheep the Movie: Kojima admits that he has seen this movie two times in the theaters and says that it appeals to both adults and children. Hideo says that the film has something that both can enjoy.

5.) Nightcrawler: Kojima says that this film is quite scary how it relates to the paparazzi from today, but is based on the past. He says that the film leaves a bad taste in your mouth because of how real it is.

4.) Locke: Kojima says that this film is very interesting since it only stars Tom Hardy and the majority of it revolves around him driving on the highway. He says that director did a great job in keeping the camera moving to keep it interesting as the story slowly unravels.

3.) Kingsman: The Secret Service:  Hideo says that 007 is great and all, but with The Dark Knight everyone got so serious in tone. There are poppy and fun scenes, and even vulgar bits, but he couldn’t get enough of that.

2.) Whiplash: Kojima says he would recommend this film to anyone. He says he was surprised at how the tempo and the cutting of the film was much like an action film, which one of the elements he really like about it.

1.) Mad Max: Fury Road: Hideo says that he could talk about this movie for 24 hours. He says that George Miller is a god and that he wants to be like him. He also says that it is impressive that he’s in his 70’s and he was able to make a movie the way he wanted to make it and it became a hit.

Hideo also had some honorable mention, which included Birdman, John Wick, Creed, The Visit, Kevin Smith’s Tusk, Fox Catcher, Crayon, Green Inferno and Crayon Shin Cham: My Moving Story. I think it is safe to say that Kojima has a very vast taste in film.

You can check out the full video below. There are a few parts that do have English subtitles, but not all of it. What did you think of Kojima’s list?


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