Dave Bautista tells WWE wrestler to quit after suspension


I think it is safe to say that we may have seen the last of Bautista’s days inside the squared circle. As we have reported recently, the WWE have been trying to court him into making an appearance at this year’s Wrestlemania. Bautista was backstage at the Royal Rumble when he turned down the initial offer that was made to him. Dave was reportedly backstage again at a recent Smackdown taping, but the outcome was much of the same.

This past Monday, the WWE were celebrating the career of Daniel Bryan after it was announced that due to medical reason, he could never wrestle again. In the final moments of Monday Night Raw, all the WWE superstars walked out onto the stage to applaud Daniel Bryan’s last moments in the ring before the show went off the air. In the last few seconds, wrestler Titus O’Neil grabs Vince McMahon by the arm as he begins to make his way to the back. According to reports, Titus only meant to grab McMahon in a playful manner but it unfortunately ended with Vince shoving the WWE wrestler. The video has since been taken off of WWE’s Youtube page and WWE.com. The following morning Titus was suspended for 90 days as a result of the incident.

Reports are outraged because a violation of the WWE’s wellness policy usually results in a 60 Day suspension and given WWE’s sordid history with many of their performers dying from drug abuse, the punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crime. Enter Dave Bautista, who happens to be a close personal friend to Titus O’Neil. A fan asked Dave on twitter if he could do anything to remedy the misunderstanding to which he replied that he told Titus to ask for his release from the company.

A former WWE  wrestler responded to Dave saying that there is life after “E” being WWE, which Dave also retweeted. According to reports, the reason why the hammer was brought down so hard on Titus was because apparently Vince McMahon has not been to happy with the lack of professionalism with the roster, and he feels that many of the talent mess around too much. Titus was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back and that’s why he’s being made an example of.

What’s interesting about this, is that Titus has been a big part of WWE’s charity work. Not only that, last year McMahon publicly said via his twitter account that he’d vote Titus for “Father of the Year.”

Another harsh reality of Titus’ punishment, is that his 90 Day suspension will eclipse this year’s Wrestlemania, meaning he will not be a part of the show. Given Bautista’s comments and his distrust in the company, I think it is safe to say it’s highly unlikely that he’ll attend this year’s Wrestlemania.


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