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Those two emblems look pretty good together… @melissabenoist

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Greg Berlanti has been putting together such an amazing universe for DC in television. With shows like Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and the newly released DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, he is setting a great benchmark for superheroes on network television. Now it’s obvious that 3 of those shows happen to be interconnected (Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow), being that they’re all on the CW network. A lot of fans have been wanting to see a crossover with Supergirl into that universe as well.

Last week, we finally heard the announcement that we’d been waiting for, a crossover would be happening. In that said crossover, it would be The Flash entering into the realm of Supergirl. Fans everywhere rejoiced. The day after the announcement, Barry Allen himself teased the name of the episode, which is fittingly “Worlds Finest.” Comic fans know this name too well, as it was a comic series that starred the Dark Knight and Superman working together. The characters might be a little different now, but the tone stays the same, and we’re excited.

On last night’s episode of The Flash, we even caught a glimpse of Supergirl and other DC Easter Eggs. Today though, Grant Gustin shared a photo via Instagram of himself and Melissa Benoist in their superhero garb together filming on set. You can see the photo above. I can’t wait to see the episode, which airs on March 28th on CBS, as well as the future of the television universe as whole. Just imagine all the possibilities.

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