Koda Kumi releases new 360-degree music video


Koda Kumi, famous for her theme songs for Final Fantasy X-II—“1000 no Kotoba” and “Real Emotion”—and the voice of Lenne, recently released an interactive 360-degree music video trailer from her newest album, Winter of Love. The album is scheduled to hit the shelves on January 20th.  Since her initial fame, she has released a plethora of edgy music and is one of the most successful female solo Japanese acts. She has also contributed music to other anime such as Law of Ueki and Gilgamesh.

The music video features 3D computer graphics like you would see in games, and includes a control tab in the top left corner that viewers can play with to toggle the view during the music video at any time. It’s quite an interesting experience. Try it out below!

Watch out for the headless person! That’s actually you!

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