PSA on vertical cell phone videos uses Star Wars brilliantly


Being on the internet can be hard. Just like horrible clothing trends, the internet is regularly plagued with annoyances like ugly and over-used fonts, web-traffic tickers, and Bitstrips. One trend that will absolutely not go away is the uploading and subsequent posting of the aesthetically dreadful vertical cellphone video. As you may have seen on 99% of Worldstar Hip Hop uploads, vertical cellphone video footage is an eyesore and terribly offensive to its viewers. 

You may be reading this thinking, “I don’t understand. You are over exaggerating, vertical cellphone footage isn’t so bad… Is it?” Well Gabriel W posted a public service announcement video to Vimeo that takes the vertical video approach and applys it to the legendary science fiction film franchise Star Wars. Ever wondered what the Death Star action sequence would have looked like had George Lucas filmed it on a vertically held cell phone?

Let’s all take a note from this video and think twice before you hit record on your cell phone. Yes we want to see your cellphone videos of your baby smashing its first birthday cake, or your dog chasing its tail, but give us the fulfillment of being able to see it in the orientation that god intended it. I think Mr. Gabriel W summed it up best in the description of the video when he wrote: “Just turn your phone sideways. It’s all you have to do. Think of the Death Star.”

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