SacAnime 2016: Day one cosplay gallery


SacAnime is back once again, getting fans to come out and show their love and passion for video games, anime, manga, TV, movies and everything else nerdy under the sun. While scouring the halls of the exhibit floor, I managed to find some amazing cosplayers and compiled them all together for those who enjoy cosplay.


Some champions like Snow Bunny Nidalee (Left) and Candy Cane Miss Fortune are showing off their festive side.


Even someone as reclusive as Raven has decided to appear for all the action.


Azir of the Sands is here and summoning Sand soldiers to Conquer the exhibit hall.


A¬†few robed wanderers have “journeyed” out to see what has blown in with the wind at SacAnime.


Even Kirito (left) and Asuna (right) decided to take a break from ALO to come and do some shopping in the real world.


One Squidling showed up ready to make a splash with a full tank of ink and his .52 Gal to claim as much territory as possible.


Jinx and Sharkbait showed up to cause some mischief.


This Badass Duo were present and searching for their next piece of epic loot.


Bowser’s minions were out and about spreading his propaganda once again.


Alien vs Predator vs Master Chief, the next galactic battle for dominance is starting off a bit friendlier than I expected.


Last but not least Ruby Rose is here and showing off her killer skills and looks.

This was just a few of the many amazing cosplay I spotted on the first day of SacAnime 2016. Many more came and went and there will be even more over the next few days. If you’re in the area, definitely stop by and look for even more amazing cosplay this weekend.

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